View Full Version : hoboelite wood burning stove(gassifier)

2006-09-17, 21:07
I was just kidding about being a gassifier :aetsch:

Made this one from a vegetable steamer. (stainless steel)(second hand store)

fits nicely inside a 6 inch diameter cake pan(aluminum) that is the cook pot.

Can be considered a complete kitchen in a pot. The elite hobos have these on the rail trails :biggrin:

Weighs 297 grams/10-1/2 ounces

Pot supports are 2 pieces of stainless steel windshield wiper dohickies placed into holes punched into 4 places, ends are bent downward to prevent the potstand/windscreen from opening any further

The steamer/potstand has 3 little feet to keep it off the ground and to allow air to pass underneath into the many many little holes in its bottom. I'm sure it is going to vent well, time will tell

Will fire it up this comming week and do some tests. Will keep you posted.





2006-09-18, 01:33
Neat idea.
Only worry I can see, is too many holes in the wind screen.

SGT Rock
2006-09-18, 03:35
I love the way it nests. Maybe there is some room for improvement.

But actually that is a good idea to base a break down hobo stove from if you think about it. Hmmmmm....

2006-09-18, 15:11
Wow... that's a great find... it also explains where Grilliput (http://candlelantern.com/gr_firebowl.html) got their idea from...

I look forward to hearing how your test burn goes!

2006-09-18, 21:38
No frolicking elephants------No frolicking bananas

How can i express my excitement :afraid:

Oh Well!!!!!!!!!

This one is a winner in my book.

Turk you have to build this one!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 min. to get the fire to the READY stage once it's lit.. Put the pot on with 2 cups water. 3 1/2 min. later rapid boil. I kid you not.

10 1/2 ounces= stove, pot, lid, and 2 steel cross wires

More tests to come and ongoing. It works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



2006-09-19, 18:05
I'm vague on how the pot supports (windshield wiper "thingamees") are hooked into the contraption to support the pot.

Could you supply more detail?

Great idea by the way.

2006-09-19, 20:25
The ends of the thingamajigies are bent at a 90 degree angle and the are inserted into 1/4 inch holes that I punched into the steamer at 4 locations.

First blurry photo shows one in the center folded downwards.

Todays test burns(2) showed that I need more fuel on windy days. :biggrin:

On a good day I'm looking at a boil in 5 min. from light up to boil, 1 min tinder burn and then put the pot on for the remainder.

No batteries!!!!!!!!!!!

2006-09-20, 18:19
twas a beautiful day out there today for some test burns to get aquainted with this stove.

It was breezy, not windy.

2 cups tap water at 70 degrees

Air temp was 60 degrees

Sun shining bright

Used one handfull of tinder, pieces no larger than my pinkie finger5/8", for tinder starter I used fluffed jute twine enhanced with PJ petrolium jelly. ( I gave it the ole boyscout huff and puff to get it really blazin) Half my tinder was aromatic cedar, can still smell it on my person as I type

from light up to boil, 5 1/2 min.