View Full Version : Grip Clips DIY No Sew Projects

2006-09-17, 22:38
Has anyone bought/used/seen these things?

they look like that have potential for many projects

2006-09-17, 23:46
haven't tried this particular model, but the concept is much the same as the old Visclamps that Colin Fletcher talked about in the original Complete Walker. Very useful for making shelters with tarps or ponchos - particularly for lifting the middle of the fabric where there may not be any ready-made tie-outs.

2006-09-18, 01:03
The old style visclamps were a stiff metal wire bent in a keyhole shape. They came with a rubber ball. After you hooked them to the fabric you tied off to the large side of the keyhole.

I still have some of these. Plus a few with large buttons tied to them with string (replacements for the rubber balls, which disappeared quite regularly).

I tried to buy some more visclamps a short while ago, but it looks like no one makes them anymore. I ended up with some plastic locking jaw clamps instead.

-Don't like them as well as they take up more room, and I worry about the grip.

2006-09-19, 02:54
If memory serves I got a few of them years ago when I bought a Eureka tent. I found them to be pretty good but at the time uneeded. I think they were intended to add extra guy out points to the fly for severe weather.

2006-09-20, 20:03
Never played with them, but they look promising (especially for the tyvek tarp I want to make some time). Thanks for the link.

If nothing else, they'd be great for prototyping tarp / shelter pitching ideas.