View Full Version : Revised SPAM Policy

SGT Rock
2006-09-18, 03:15
Due to the increase of SPAM lately I have enacted new rules about this and hope this will solve the issue or at least make it fun.

First off, to my regular friends and new members: If you want to post a link to some backpacking gear, backpacking gear company, or something else that seems like it fits - by all means do so. No change here. You guys are totally welcome. Some of the best gear in the world gets posted here regularly and some new cottage industry stuff gets here before most other places. And that is what we want!

But to the rest of you. If you just found the HQ today and are thinking "Oh goodie! This place needs to know about my amazing deals!". Well here is your notice:


I do not want to hear about what you are trying to sell. I do not want a link exchange. I don't do them. If I find a product or an outfitter I like to use I give them a link just because I want to. I do not want to add your link if you want to add mine - that is shitty web service to my regulars.

If you fail to heed my warnings I will change your post, not delete it. I will ridicule you and your product and probably your company too. I will also change your profile and then ban you. for some examples here you go:


OK, there is your warning. Now figure out which applies to you and be on your way.