View Full Version : new dehydrator

2006-09-20, 23:34
Thought about posting this in gear but decided this was the better forum for it.

I had finally got everything together to build a dehydrator, when my cousin's husband asked what I was doing, and when I told him, he says "Well heck, I've got my Mom's old dehydrator out in the barn, you can use it."

So now I have a Magic Aire 2 dehydrator.
After cleaning out the mud wasp nests it's in excellent shape too.
Did a batch of apples last night, worked great.
Am now doing some tomatoes, pineapple, and a few more apples at the same time.

Anyway the point of this post (other than bragging up the new gear) is that the apples turned out better than any I did in the oven or air dried. I don't know why this is, but it has convinced me that a dedicated dehydrator is the way to go.

Think I'll still do my jerky in the oven though, as I worry about low temperatures and bacteria.