View Full Version : Dvr

2006-09-21, 10:35
I just got a DRV (Digital Video Recorder) a few weeks ago. Its cool but does anyone know how to get the stuff off it. It does have a usb port in the back. What fun is it to have cool movies if I can't take it off the darn thing.

Just Jeff
2006-09-21, 11:05
Even though the USB is built in, it's probably not activated...so you can't put DVR stuff onto your computer. Supposedly the capability is coming to do that but I've asked the cable company at three different bases (in three states) and they've all said the same thing - not yet, but maybe later.

But it still lets you fast forward through commercials and rewind for the great football hits.

2006-09-22, 04:42
Far as I know, the USB is primarly for some places that require additional crypto modules for the thing to work. The DVR is still the best damn invention since....well...hiking?