View Full Version : WhiteBlaze Hacked

SGT Rock
2006-09-22, 10:47
In case you are a WhiteBlazer and cannot post on the site and came here to find out why. We got hacked by some jerks from Turkey. The site is down for now until we get the back up copy up and close the security holes. I have already taken some steps here on Hiking H.Q. to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Troll and I are working it.

2006-09-22, 14:31
WhiteBlaze just came back up. I'm sure there was a lot of relief from many hikers going through withdrawals. :wink:

2006-09-22, 16:15
hey everyone well the blaze was up and running till about 2:07pm and then she locked down again..not sure whats wrong ..just thought I would pass it along..

2006-09-22, 16:29
Got Hacked again. My user id got hijacked over there and that's how they were changing everyone's posts because I'm an admin. I wasn't even on the site at the time. I've since changed my password and SGT Rock has banned more IP addresses.

I feel so used.

Frolicking Dino
2006-09-22, 16:51
::: commiserates with DixieCritter :::

2006-10-02, 10:42
I wonder if that was the same morons that hacked this site a couple years back?!

SGT Rock
2006-10-03, 11:47
No, those winners were from Saudi Arabia.