View Full Version : Fair Field State Park

The HotDog
2006-10-04, 13:35
Hi, I am planning to backpack the Big Brown Creek trail at Fair Field sp and would like some information.
So far, I know it has His/Hers Flush toilets, running water and is any where from 0.5 to 5.0 miles long. :biggrin:
Has anyone hiked the trail there? If so, what does the campsites look like, how maintained is the trail and what is the real distance?
This will be a quick overnight trip with my Scout Troop.

The HotDog

2006-10-04, 17:07
I've been to the park. It's your typical state park. We camped Friday in the regular area, then backpacked about 2 miles to the primative sites. It's not truely primative as their is a his and hers flush toilet and water piped in. Not much, but I hope it helps.