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2006-10-05, 21:44
Has anybody else here found the following site:


It is not funny as in HaHa.

The site contains many links to other sites which, from the names, claim to be personal sites of backpackers, hikers and other outdoors types. Some of the sites actually contain some good information, but the vast majority of the sites follow a simple pattern:

It starts with a generic picture of the outdoors, then a list of outdoors items followed with a short sentence describing the item and a simple recommendation.

After the list, a state park or some such is named with information following.

A funny thing. The list of essential items always contains a camp stove and the Trailstove is always recommended.

The only thing I can figure is that the people making and selling the Trailstove have found a really subtle way of promoting their product.

What I haven't figured out is if they are doing this in cooperation with the state parks, etc. or if they are doing it alone. The Trailstove people must be behind this though, the lists are just too generic from site to site and it is always the Trailstove that is recommended. The sites look to have been generated from a template and to have been generated all at the same time with a few minor variations.

Now the Trailstove has evolved into a fine design and the workmanship isn't all that bad either, but it just seems that such a tactic has got to backfire on them if anybody looks at more than 2 or 3 of the links.

Frolicking Dino
2006-10-05, 22:43
The site is owned by the company that makes Trailstoves and sells the stove on the site.

Aussie Nutter
2006-10-19, 07:03
Anyone here know of Sean Kennedy he is a survivalist type who lives in Canada and has a site where he posts short films on equipment and stuff for you to download. The guy is a bit over the top but worth watching if you are into both hiking and survival as i am. I don't thing many people will agree with all of what he has to say but i do admire the fact that he goes to so much effort to try to teach people basic common sense free of charge. the link for his site is


take a look its easy and free