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bird dog
2006-10-07, 01:05
All right, so Im a visual learner :ahhhhh: . Im not unintelligent, it just takes me a little longer to catch on. On top of that, the only experience I have sewing was from 7th grade when I was forced to decide between being in band and taking home economics. I had no desire to be a blower, bagger, beater, or squeezer (thats someone who blows, bags, beats, or squeezes in an effort to make music) or June Cleaver, but figured that home economics was less of a time commitment and therefore easier. My big project to pass the class? Sew a pillow. I paid my brother (who had taken the same class two years earlier) to use the pillow he had sewn. While it was by no means quality work, it did get me through the class. Why do I tell you my past as it relates to home economics?

While looking at my layering system, I found that Rock uses a slightly modified M65 field jacket liner as part of his system. I checked the old footlocker when I read the entry and found my old M65. It is light weight, very warm (as best I can remember) and I have no other use for it which leads me to this...

How did Rock modify his? I looked at the picture, but it isnt close up enough for me to visualize it. He said he sewed the pits (I understand that part), and added a button on the top and some Velcro.

How far up the front is the button and what is the purpose/placement of the velcro?


bird dog
2006-10-07, 01:07
As I wrote that, I think I figured it out. Anyhow, let me know if anyone has ideas/improvements.


2006-10-07, 10:16
BD, I would add some stretchy fabric to those armpits, just sew in a patch. If you don't,I think your M65 will climb your body like a sportcoat when you raise your arms. I would position the velcro so that I could pull the whole thing on and off over my head, the buttons should be placed to close the neck for warmth. Some sort of hood would be nice, but that would be a lot of work. Ray Jardine has a Bomber Hat Kit that would work, but I've never gotten that far with mine.

2006-10-07, 10:55
I'd tell you more about the placement and such since I was actually the one doing the sewing, but I'd have to go dig that thing out and I'm not sure where he's hidden it. LOL.

Oh and I can't remember off the top of my head now, it's been a while since that sewing project. :wink:

SGT Rock
2006-10-07, 12:31
The arms were salvaged off a parka liner since it doesn't have pit holes. They had some elastic put in the cuffs so they don't ride up.

The front of the liner is sewn up to about the middle button hole. Then at the top there is one button and velcro between the middle button hole and the top hole.

Since we made that I have gotten a little wider in the shoulders and chest, so I don't wear it anymore - it was made from an extra small liner so it is now too tight for me in those two areas.

bird dog
2006-10-07, 17:04
Cool, thanks for all of the input. I think mine is a LL which should be plenty large enough. Again, as Im not a professional sewer, Dixie would probably be able to answer this.......Is this a reasonable project to start off with learning to sew, and could it be REASONABLY done by hand or would one need a sewing machine? BD

2006-10-07, 22:55
You could sew that front up by hand in ten minutes, sewing the velcro and the armpits would take a little longer, if you will wear it under a shell you really wouldn't have to sew the pits closed, it would be usable as is. Learning to finger sew is a good skill, that is what you'll have to do to fix your gear in the bush anyway.

2006-10-08, 00:52
BD, hand sewing would work on this. And it is a reasonable project to start off on. Not that difficult to do really. Not sure now why he wanted the pit holes closed exactly (I don't think I really ever asked).

Let us know how it goes.

bird dog
2006-10-08, 02:06
In that case, I will let you know how it turns out. Im off the next two days and will give it a shot between baby feedings. I plan on using it under a shell and still have not decided if I am going to close the pits or not but am leaning torwards closing them since I may wear it to bed on REALLY cold nights with no shell. BD

Just Jeff
2006-10-08, 02:44
Won't you be under your quilt on really cold nights? That'll keep the drafts out of your armpits.