View Full Version : Wedding tins?

2006-10-09, 15:40
I just went to Michael's to scout some of these wedding favor tins out. Are they the ones with only a ring for a lid, not a cap? I didn't buy any yet. I wanted to make sure they didn't change the style or something.

I was also looking at those little candy tins, like a 1.5" square altoid tin. The ones that say "LOVE" on the top. I'm sure many heartfelt and ironic statements could be had from that.

I did pick up some candle cups/cans too, with a full lid. About 2" around and 1.5" high.


2006-10-09, 20:51
Wal-Mart has the wedding tins, too...and it was cheaper around here. They are the ones you described, though.


2006-10-09, 23:35
This is what the ones we use look like when we start out with them...


The top is a ring with glass in it. Measures approx. 2" diameter x 3/4" high.

2006-10-10, 03:00
And the bottom of one fits on the top of the other one with not much fuss?

Here's what I picked up at Michaels today, to fool around with, but it was just the tin, not the candle or all the geegaw stuff.


I think the top is steel though. Not sure about the body.

2006-10-10, 05:50
Actually you cut one tin to a height of 1/4" then they fit together with no fuss. Here's where you find the instructions on how to build this model... http://www.ionstove.com/build.htm#Production

2006-10-10, 12:34
Here's another option. Less expensive, but you have to add in shipping.

The colored ones are cool, but smaller.


2006-10-10, 15:18
Ok, couldn't find any at the Wal-Mart near me, so got a batch from Michael's. I see what you mean about fitting easily on the top ring.

I also bought a batch of the square mint tins. Couldn't resist. They probably have 80% the capacity of the round ones, but I just have to try.

2006-10-10, 22:28
Clay Alley is our supplier for the unfinished ones. LOL.