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john pickett
2006-10-11, 12:57
Has anyone noticed if Wal-Mart still sells the grease pot we all love and know?
Two Walmarts near me in NE. Texas no longer have them on the shelf, instead they have a plastic box device which holds an aluminised bag to hold grease. Don't know if I want to try that over my cat stove, you know?
John Pickett:captain:

Just Jeff
2006-10-11, 13:15
Try KMart. The rolled lip on their grease pot goes to the outside...some folks like that better anyway. I think they're the same size and everything.

2006-10-11, 20:32
I've noticed.

They're disappearing from Wal-Marts all over the Southeast.

2006-10-12, 15:35
Go to a hispanic market and look for the Imusa brand of cookware. They sell a greasepot that holds 3 1/2 cups for about $3. It is much smaller and lighter that either the Walmart or Kmart brands.

Imusa also has a lot of small, lightweight frying and paella pans that are ideal for backpacking.

(No...I am not selling this stuff, just passing on what I found to be good stuff for backpacking.) :biggrin:

2006-10-12, 20:38
Went to the big K and picked mine up today and weighted at 3.8 oz.Sweet!!!:biggrin:

2006-10-13, 00:00
I have never seen this infamous grease pot everyone raves about.
Could anyone post up a pic? Also could anyone offer dimensions?

We don't have them in Ontario Walmarts. I have looked many times
in 7 or 8 different locations.

2006-10-13, 00:16
Here you go Turk:

2006-10-13, 10:29
Yeah the k-mart grease pot is much better than the wally world one!! For about the same price.