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2006-10-22, 21:50
Have been buying up large quantities of Wal-Mart rip-stop in preparation for sewing a cover for an 18 foot diameter teepee.

Does anyone have a source for sewing paterns??????????

This is a wintertime project for next years fun time.

Lodgepole pines will be used for supports.

Thank You in advance.

2006-10-23, 02:05
I had plans somewhere but I don't know where.

I came up with this in a quick search, it seems to have the basics but I didn't read it completely.

-My preferance in a teepee is one that isn't a perfect cone, with the back wall longer and extending further back from the peak. This gives you more living area and if you have a fire inside seems to draft better.

2006-10-23, 07:43
Found you a bunch of info and some basic plans when my browser locked up, then closed, and I lost all my links. Made me upset. I'll try again later.

Anyway thought I'd pass this tip along in case you wanted to look for yourself - in the search engine write teepee as tipi and you'll find more links.

Hope that helps - I'll try looking again sometime tomorrow.

2006-10-23, 11:15
the simplest 'teepee' sewing design is simply a half circle with a small circle reinforcement. Stick the 'flat' parts together and 'bam' you're done.

The vertical seam can be seen as 'untraditional' by some, however it's dead simple.

The other kind of traditional teepees wind up with more of a spiraling seam.

less traditional teepees are simply pyramidal 'cones' made out of triangles.

What you need to ask your self, however is what is most important
Simplicity? (why not do a pyramid rather than a teepee OR do the vertical seam half-circle)
Durability? (a 'traditional' teepee may be have the best wind resistance)
Weight? (by virture of fewer seams the vertical seam half-circle may win)

2006-10-24, 03:11
My dang browser crashed again - it doesn't like one of the sites the search found. But I saved some of what I found.

Very basic directions and patterns:

Best set of instructions:

Articles about tipis (good info):

2006-10-25, 22:43
Thank You very much for all the information. It's all there!!!!!!

Can't wait to get started. I'm gonna have me some fun!!!!!!!!

Thank again guys!!!!!!!!! Big help