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2006-10-25, 21:17
I am a dirty rotten spammer

I was in grief today about how bad my momma raised

me :bawling:

and figured I would exact my revenge on the internet :bootyshak

So I came by here and saw this site full of people that go into the woods to get away from technology

and I said to myself

What better way to f***k with these kind of people :aetsch:

Than to send them off into the wilderness with a G** D*** cell phone

That way my brothers that make sales calls can still get ahold of them

And try to sell them useless insurance or even more PHONE PLANS! :call2:

So I ran up my post count past some regular users put my filth everywhere

I made a mess in my britches it felt so good. :rofl:

And all because my momma raised me wrong!

And if you don't like it, please spam me back at:

for more details contact steven_mobiles@hotmail.com

2006-10-27, 15:23
I havn't felt this much satisfaction since my son was four. I would put him on the phone with the telamarketer, and tell him to to talk about his day.
The phone guy had to listen, otherwise he might loose a sale.
One guy sat it out for a halfe hour.
Great fun...for my son.

Frolicking Dino
2006-10-28, 00:02
I need a 4 yo...

In the mean time, I'm enjoying SgtRock's revenge on spammers.

bird dog
2006-10-28, 01:26
Some people never learn. Good one Rock. BD

SGT Rock
2006-10-28, 14:56
I gotta have a hobby

bird dog
2006-10-30, 18:14
Bottom Feeders. BD