View Full Version : Etowah II Stove

bird dog
2006-10-25, 23:21
Does anyone have any experience with this stove? BD

SGT Rock
2006-10-26, 02:44
You know, I have one back in Tennessee, but I haven't gotten a chance to test it yet. I sort of got busy.

But Chef Paul (the owner of Etowah) is a damn good guy. I have seen the Etowah II in action with a few hikers on the AT. FWIW it seems like a very durable stove. BUT of the ones he makes, I like the EO solid fuel stove with alcohol burner - I watched that one do a damn good job one day when he showed it to me before he started selling them.

Also, a note on the Etowah II, I think he was planning to replace the metal crosspieces with titanium instead of the aluminum they come with now - but I don't know what ever came of that.

2006-10-26, 11:00
I watched a thru-hiker use one once.

The temp was right about freezing that evening. It boiled fast and cooked her dinner with no problems but that's about all I can remember about it.

bird dog
2006-10-26, 17:11
Good info. I just bought one and will post a test here if anyone is interested in its performance. (As soon as I get an opportunity to do so). BD