View Full Version : ACU Camo fabric at Walmart

2006-10-26, 14:11
I just scored 5yd of army ACU digital camo nylon at the $1.00 bin at wally world. It appears to weigh about 2 ounces per yd/sq on my cheap kitchen scale. It soaks easily and appears to have no water resistance. I plan to make a Jardine style quilt from part of it and a sythetic fill jacket from the rest. I thought about making a Shires style tarptent from it but by the time you do a silicone treatment to it, it would be much heavier than 1.3oz regular Silnylon. They also had some grey taffetta of about the same weight and some lighter OD nylon that was only 46in wide. Of course, no silnylon...yet.

Just Jeff
2006-10-26, 16:47
If the OD nylon was DWR ripstop, I'll buy it from you and offer a few extra bucks to make it worth your trip back.

2006-10-26, 22:02
Jeff, I just ran water on the corner of the OD nylon, it didn't soak up as fast as the ACU fabric but it did eventually soak through, I'm not sure if it is DWR or not. It is only 46in wide, I thought about doing a home silicon treatment to it for a tarptent but the peak would be too low with that width fabric.

Just Jeff
2006-10-27, 00:33
Sounds like DWR...I bet it's the same $1/yd material I used for my 2 most recent insulated hammocks. Did you get all of it from Walmart or is there any left? Don't wanna ask for the stuff you're going to use, but if there's extra I'm interested.

2006-10-27, 00:39
Jeff, I didn't get it all, there may even be another bolt besides the one I got 5yds from, I'll check my email in the morning, let me know how much you want if they have any left.