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2006-10-26, 22:01
The Starlyte weighs in at 16.4 grams. That is the combined weight of the burner and potstand

Burner is made of 1 wedding favor tin

Boils 2 cups of 69 degree water in 6 1/2 min.

Used 1/2 ounce of denatured alcohol

Used 1/2 diameter punch for the holes in the potstand. Used aluminum flashing material.

The unique feature of this burner is the material under the piece of fiberglass cloth. It is the same material that is used in the manufacturing of the "Origo" marine alcohol stoves that are commonly seen on ebay when you do a search for alcohol stoves. Got the stuff directly from Sweden.

First photo shows the flame patern (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v228/obijiwa/starlyte001.jpg)under the pot.

Second photo shows burners aflame (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v228/obijiwa/starlyte002.jpg)

I'll guarantee this one will lyte in below zero weather with ease.

2006-10-27, 00:58
Neat, I really like the looks of this stove.
Reminds me of my first alcohol stove - the burner from under a fondue pot.

SGT Rock
2006-10-27, 04:52
Can't get the dang pictures to open from here. Stupid, crappy network.

john pickett
2006-10-27, 12:02
"Stupid, crappy network"

Sarge, I hope that network is the worst problem you face between now and the start of your AT hike.
Prayers are with you.
John Pickett

2006-10-27, 21:29
Here you go Sarge

Flame Pattern
Burners Aflame