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Just Jeff
2006-11-03, 18:25
For Christmas, please give...

- Bird Dog a MacCat Deluxe
- Turk a JRB Weather Shield and Old Rag Mountain
- Me a Moonbow Gear Skin, MLD Prophet 20 and MLD Trinity Hammock. And buttloads of $1/yd DWR and silnylon.


2006-11-03, 18:55
Dear Santa,

All I want is for my family to be safe and for me to be home for the next one.

F@#K Afghanistan and all them damn ragheads!!

Just Jeff
2006-11-03, 19:08
You leaving before Christmas this time?

2006-11-03, 19:11
No. Luckily Ill be here for this one. So we're going to go all out. Just bummed about leaving them right after.

bird dog
2006-11-03, 23:19
Sorry to hear that JT. Are we still on for Uwharrie when you get back? Ive lived in NC all of my life (minus my time in the Army) and never been.

Im sure that your family will be fine. It takes a special person to be a soldier and an equally special person to marry a soldier. (I know that still doesnt make it any easier).


Just Jeff
2006-11-03, 23:28
Do you have a firm date yet? Hopefully we'll have time for BBQ and beer before you take off.

bird dog
2006-11-03, 23:30
Yup, I still want a MacCat for Christmas. I have a digital camera already, but its old and weighs as much as my Granite Gear Vapor Trail pack. Its 3.1 megapixels and does not have a zoom (only a digital zoom and that screws up the picture). Im not a photographer, so I want a new digital camera that takes good pictures easily, has a zoom feature, and is small/lightweight. Dont really have anyone particular in mind.

Did I mention I want a MacCat Deluxe really, really, really bad?:stupido:

Oh yea, give Jeff what he wants too since he asked for a MacCat for me.:santaclau

And I guess give Turk what he wants too.:dito:


2006-11-04, 09:53
JJ - as soon as you get here you get a BBQ.

Bird Dog - we can go to Uwharrie anytime. Just let me know. Prob not next weekend though. Son has his last soccer game of the season.

Sorry for snagging this thread. I was in a pissed off mood when i first read it.

SGT Rock
2006-11-04, 12:24
Stay safe Jim.

All I want is a safe ride back to Tennessee.

Frolicking Dino
2006-11-04, 20:19
Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is peace on earth and all the soldiers from everywhere to go home to be with their families.

john pickett
2006-11-06, 14:20
I wish all the soldiers could go home too; unfortunatly that will mean all the bad guys are dead and that won't happen in this age.
Jesus said the poor we will always have with us, he could have said the same about the soldiers.
John Pickett:adore:

2006-11-06, 18:14
God Bless America... and ... the Vets who paid for and maintain our Freedom from Valley Forge to the far corners of the word today....

If you enjoy Freedom, thank a vet... if you read this, thank a teacher.

Hike this weekend in honor of Veterans and enjoy your freedom !!!

Smee and I will be on the AT... Jennings Creek to Troutdale, VA... Say Thanks, if you see us.


RVN 69
DS 90

2006-11-06, 18:43
For Christmas-

-All of our friends safe, here and other places, and healthy.
-A decent job for hubby, making him happier and MAYBE I can retire to gear testing/designing/writing.
MAYBE a new very lightweight pack. My Mariposa is getting a bit "tired."