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2006-11-04, 19:06
Been here a couple times lurking ,never tried to post anything so I didn't realize I wasn't registered .... well I'm here now and I wanted to share a great opportunity to support the TRAIL and OUR FEARLESS LEADER!
If you know about HARDCORE you know about BOB PEOPLES and how much he does for the TRAIL COMMUNITY and the TRAIL ITSELF!
On Whiteblaze.net the other day SGT.ROCK requested a A NO SNIVELING STICKER and people started emailing me wanting one of HIS Stickers ....well it caused me to have a brainfart:bootyshak and I came up with this idea to raise donations for BOB AND HARDCORE with his NO SNIVELING STICKER (http://fredor111.tripod.com/566791b0.jpg)
If you haven't already seen the offer you can check it out here (http://www.whiteblaze.net/forum/showthread.php?t=18576) where you will find all the info on how to show your support.

I'll be back !

2006-11-04, 22:05
Thank you Fishinfred! I know SGT Rock is happy about this too. Hardcore and Bob Peoples means a lot to him.


SGT Rock
2006-11-05, 05:10
Great idea Fred. Thanks for giving me a way to help this year since I missed getting out there with a Pulaski this spring.

Hardcore - I did it the first time in 2004. I had just got back from my first tour and it was a part of my "vacation". I got the idea to go help do some trail maintenance and heard about Bob Peoples taking folks staying at his hostel out on work trips so that is what I had plan to do as a part of that vacation - I had never heard of Hardcore before I got there. It was a great experience and I met many WhiteBlazers there like Smokymountain Steve, Trail Yeti, Jack Tarlin, Rain Man, and BooBoo just to name a few off the top of my head. We worked for two days on a relocation and had a good time at night hanging out around Kincora.

Then I went back in 2005 after I moved to Tennessee. We built a bridge, did more relocation work, and more meeting great hiking people. I shuttled Hopeful Hiker and Skittles down there for the work that year.

The basics: Sunday of Trail Days everyone involved caravans down to the work site and starts working with the Tennessee Eastmen crew until quitting time. Then they put on a good feed somewhere. The next day you go back to work and finish up whatever you started. The end of the second day there is a big feed with hikers all over at Kincora. Both times I went Jack Tarlin was the master head chef fixing food for the crews that second day. Then on Tuesday everyone gets shuttles from the guys that drove in back to the trail - lots of thru-hikers take time off to work while they are in the middle of the thru-hike. Everyone works, everyone is fed dinner, and everyone is taken care of. It is a great way to get people to try trail maintenance - it is where I got the bug.

So stop sniveling, get a sticker, and lend a hand next year. I plan to be there.

2006-11-05, 16:47
I'll be there too ! Bob deserves this and a WHOLE LOT MORE for all he does for the Hiking Community!
Sure I can't get some to ya over there ROCK ? I'd love to see one on a passing HumV on CNN :biggrin: (let me know )
Been workin on some NEW WB Logos too .Troll should be posting them soon!
Be safe now!
See ya in the spring