View Full Version : For Sale Sidekick 3 For Just .............$150usd

2006-11-11, 16:01
Hello Buyers.

This is Mr Carl Wartner,The Manager of GAMECASTALIMITED, and I amd a DIRTY ROTTEN SPAMMER!

If you see me, call me MR WARTNER!:secruity:

I see myself as a COWBOY! :bandit:
I do anything it takes to make a fistfull of dollars
Cause I am an internet Bandito! - riding around the internet kicking ass and taking names! :ridinghor

Of course the real truth is I am a slimball :slug:

A pasty white little geek sitting in my momma's basement :stoned:

You know why :questionm

Cause she is raising me wrong :listen:

She dresses me up in women's clothing and makes me pretend I am a little girl :star:

And because I am so pissed off about it, I wanna be a killer cowboy - selling crap on the internet :evil:

Opps, I hear mom comming. Gotta go! :girl:

but if you wanna make fun of me... Please spam me back:

For more info, and order inquiry,pls feel free to contact us or
Send ur email at [email]gamecasta_limited@yahoo.co.uk or gamecasta_limited@hotmail.com

Just Jeff
2006-11-11, 16:34
WOOHOO - Here we go again!!

2006-11-11, 17:27
It's too bad their Playstation 1 prices are so high, I was think of purchasing from them.

Go away, @(*$&*@&^!#

The HotDog
2006-11-11, 19:19
This is going to be funny. :gob_pop

2006-11-11, 19:57
"Here they come in the same old way..."
(can you finish the misquote)?

2006-11-11, 20:26
Suppose in a not too distant future....
The human race is wiped out. Guns, personal nukes, people atrophied into
porn viewing vegetable mush... doesnt matter. pick your own demise.

Would all the spam bots across all the internet begin to feed on their own?
I mean an internet with no people on it becomes overrun with daily regenerating bot driven email accounts that assult each other with gobs of commercial gibberish as the last monument to humanity.

If artifical intelligence were to be born out of the computer wastes of the 21st century. What sort of mind would we have bred? Or perhaps even an entire species evolving from nothing more than what really ... Porn and Ebay.....

And they called the MTV general @#$@ed up. Aint seen nothin yet.
This 2 cents... just one of my many causes of insomnia.

Just Jeff
2006-11-11, 22:26
The Middle East is good for more than oil. Did you know that porn drove the massive expansion of the internet? And that more porn hits come from the Middle East than any other region? Therefore, the Middle East is directly responsible for the expansion of the internet. Well, them and Al Gore.

2006-11-11, 23:07
Come on!!
Posting this spam in journals?!?
Now they're just screwing with you Rock.
I'm going to check with Yahoo and Hotmail and see if I can't get their email accounts canceled.

Just Jeff
2006-11-11, 23:20
They'll just create a new one - they're free accounts.

O-Spama...yo' mama didn't raise you right...

2006-11-11, 23:38
I just sent this email:

Yahoo! Mail
Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2006 19:29:05 -0800 (PST)
From: deleted
Subject: Violation of terms of service
To: abuse@yahoo.com
CC: abuse@hotmail.com

To whom it may concern,
I belong to a board were we discuss hiking and hiking gear.

Lately we have been getting spam sales messages posted
on the board. No one on the board enjoys this.
The board Administrator has been banning the poster of
the threads and deleting these messages or rewritting
them in hopes that the posters will quit.
It hasn't worked.

Our Administrator is currently in Iraq (he is in the
Army) and so has little if any time to deal with this.
His wife has been handling day to day affairs while he
is gone but also has other responsibilities.

Anyway, I have taken it apon myself to report this to
you and the fact that they are using both a Yahoo and
a Hotmail address in their unsolicited sales postings.
(copied from post: gamecasta_limited@yahoo.co.uk

This is in violation of your T.O.S. and I am hoping
that you will close their email accounts. If they
learn why this happened perhaps they will quit
bothering us.


deleted for this post as we don't need this garbage taking up
any more room

__________________________________________________ __________________________________
Yahoo! Music Unlimited
Access over 1 million songs.

bird dog
2006-11-11, 23:56
DK and JJ - Yall forgot to add that their mamma didnt raise them right. Brian, I'm still waiting for that MacCat Deluxe. BD

bird dog
2006-11-11, 23:58
O-Spama...yo' mama didn't raise you right...

:beer: I'll drink to that!

2006-11-17, 02:44
Well, Yahoo UK sent me an email saying appropriate actions had been taken.
Maybe their email got cancelled maybe not.
Hotmail could have cancelled them too. They only sent a email acknowledging that I had emailed them. But Hotmail is quick to cancels accounts* so I have hope.

*Years ago Hotmail closed my email account after I complained that someone was using my email address to try to start a tripod account.