View Full Version : Camelback Motherload Pack

2006-11-11, 17:41
Anyone tried one of these, seems bulletproof, plus you can add on by using MOLLE pouches, etc. Seems that it has the top of the line water bladder,
2300 cI seems like enough for weekend trips.

Just Jeff
2006-11-11, 18:56
Lots of guys I work with used them when we were deployed. Seemed to hold up well. I have a couple other models - the bladders leak but the packs have held up just fine.

2006-11-11, 19:34
Im getting myself frozen. Don't wake me up until they have personal dimensions and or personal black holes on a shoulder strap. I want infinite gear storage in a 4th dimensional space that weighs less than zero oz. I want to be able to hike with the contents of the universe at belt level and yet weighs nothing. Next im going to need a staff of around 10 billion people running the dimensional warehouse inventory so when I stick my hand in the pouch, I dont have to wait long to grasp any concievable item known to man. Oh ... and I want it in
OD green or black... left hand strap, size medium.


Just Jeff
2006-11-11, 21:22
Me too. But I'll take the Swedish Bikini Ski Team carrying MLD Prophet 20s instead.

2006-11-14, 10:33
I have used the MotherLoad all summer. A friend in the Marines gave it to me, so the price was right.

It hauls plenty for a weekend, it is bomb proof and heavy. Did I mention its heavy esp with the bladder full.

I never found it uncomfortable but after some miles it did make my shoulders hurt.

I recently bought a Gregory G-Pack which was hands down so far superior to the Motherload they shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence.

I'll never use the Motherload again, so if you want one that still looks brand new shoot me a PM.


2006-11-14, 12:45
I never found it uncomfortable but after some miles it did make my shoulders hurt.

So... hurting shoulders qualifies as comfortable? :confused2

2006-11-14, 23:17
So... hurting shoulders qualifies as comfortable? :confused2

Thanks for pointing that out, not a very good choice of words.

It wasn't uncomfortable to wear in the sense that it didnít rub or anything. It fit on my body comfortably but lacked in performance, if that makes sense? It didnít carry the load well. Until I had bought the Gregory I didn't have anything to compare it to except the ALICE Pack I wore in the Marines. I was always sore and rubbed raw, so the next day when my shoulders were sore I just figured it was normal. Now that I have the Gregory as a comparison, I can say, I can carry the same stuff, go further and I can tell instantly how much more comfy it is and the next day I am not sore. Did I mention itís on the Heavy side? With nothing in the pack except the full water bladder it weights over 10lbs. Its design for a Communication guy to put a radio in, it has antenna slits in the top and an internal pouch for the radio. Not a feature I need for Backpacking, perhaps if you use it for what its designed for its better suited. Mine has been used a 3 times a month for about 5 month and it shows no signs of wear, looks brand new. I just wonít use it again.

2006-12-16, 10:09
I like the BlackHawk X-1 Raptor over the mother load. Used them both but kept the RAPTOR. I cut the lowering lines off of it to shed some weight and because we rigg our own to make it jumpable.

2006-12-20, 22:23
I am thinking of hiking and skiing this winter with two wine skins, perhaps 1.5 litres each, but perhaps only filled to 1 litre each, for comfort. Do those Nalgene Canteens work OK. I would make a skin out of soft leather or polyester fleece. Or can you still by cheap wineskins at Canadian Tire? What about the bags that wine comes in?

2006-12-20, 23:36
Jak, Nalgene foldy canteens are the cats behind. Soft platy bottles are pretty much
the same. I really like the platys for drinking out of. But the real use for wide
mouth Nalgene foldy canteens is answering natures call at night or when
its really cold. Either should work for your skin idea.