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2006-11-17, 21:55
Not sure if you all know or can remember, but a year ago, I gave the royal schitty attitude to Hollowdweller when he was first posting here on this site. He left, I was the ass. I sent an apology pm, but did not hear from him again, until today.

Today, he answered and accepted my apology and regrets.

Thanks Hollowdweller!

And as I can see, he is posting away here. It is very welcome.

Hollowdweller, it makes me feel good to see you return and give us your insight. Thanks.

I've learned my lesson. Good to see you back.


2006-11-17, 22:13
Sure no problem no need to apologize we all have bad days! I pretty much had totally forgotten about visiting but the good Sgt posted in the Axe forum over on Bladeforums and it reminded me to come back. I actually just got your PM when I logged in.

I see no current posts in Flora and Fauna. If I can get my s--t together I'll wander around in the woods and take some pics. I've got some good shroom pics if i can find them.

I was carrying a too heavy pack on one hike this fall so I need to do some extensive reading here:adore:

2006-11-17, 22:43
Well, glad we got this little love fest over with:bootyshak , now on to more pictures!:biggrin:

SGT Rock
2006-11-18, 00:55
Welcome back Hollowdweller. I didn't recognize you at BladeForums because you use that other screen name there.

Does this mean more quizzes?

2006-11-18, 01:06
You mean Hollowdweller:biggrin:

bird dog
2006-11-18, 01:09
I liked the quizzes, but NEVER got a single one of them correct. Guess that should be more motivation for me to study! Never did like tests. BD

bird dog
2006-11-18, 01:10
Iceman, it takes a big man to appologize. Hollowdweller, takes a big man to accept one. Glad you guys made up. BD