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2006-11-18, 14:53
hey everybody...

will my Explorer ultralight hold up if I stow it in a compression sack compressed very tightly? I'll be living out of a backpack for 2 years, and I might not be sleeping in it every night. I'm especially concerned with the waterproof durability of the silnyl fly.


2006-11-18, 15:00
Those same fabrics are used in reserve parachutes which stay packed for 90 days and are then repacked for another 90 days. Just like a parachute, you have to stow it in a manner that will put the least stress on the stitching, as that is the weak link. Don't let it get wet and remain stuffed.

SGT Rock
2006-11-18, 15:13
Heck. Just take it out and repack it every week or two. As long as you change the packaging of the thing occasionally you should be fine. I think the biggest issue would be if the tarp would be creased the same way from stuffing and then allowed to heat and cool in repeated cycles, those creases could become tears.

2006-11-18, 15:28
thanks guys!

Woods Walker
2006-11-18, 22:16
Don't worry about the Sil Nylon. I have had sil tarps compressed for a long time without any issues. However can't hurt to re stuff the thing.