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2006-11-19, 20:06
First off, all of us at Outdoorzy.com (http://outdoorzy.com) want to say thanks to Sgt. Rock for allowing me to post here! All of us back here in the states are thinking about all of you there in Iraq more than you think.

I contacted Sgt. Rock about my site this week and he got back to me very quickly. He said he liked the site and thought it looked like a great way for hikers to post their experiences. Thanks Rock, we love to hear good feedback from well respected people who love the outdoors.

Outdoorzy.com is a social networking site for people into the Outdoors. Think of it like a "Myspace-type site" for outdoor enthusiasts. But without so much of the teenager hormones. Basiclly, you sign up for a free profile on the site and you can post or read trip reports from all over the country and world. You can upload gear lists, or printa gear list when you need to, or you can upload pictures and store them. You can even read/write gear reviews, or research your next outdoor trip. Or, just browse and post on the forum with other hikers, mountain bikers, hunters, skiers, or any outdoor sport.

I hope you drop by, we're growing by leaps and bounds!

2006-11-19, 20:48
Welcome to the HQ Outdoorzy. :)

2006-11-19, 21:29
Thanks, glad to be here. Great site!