View Full Version : for sale brand new Sony PSP giga pack(colour black)...$150

2006-11-20, 13:27
Hello Buyers. (notice I talk down to you, because I really hate you peckerheads):aetsch:

This is Mr Ian Anderson (not really, but that is what my mistress lets me say on line) ,The Manager of SPAMJERKSLIMITED. :bawling:

We are shitty,and ripoff of a company (otherwise why would we resort to spam?), and our gammer and spelling absolutly SUCK!:y:

We are the leading Jackasses trying to sell you junk mobile phone and Portable DVD,Car DVD,MP3,MP4,LCD TV,Plasma TV,IP phone,USB Phone,bluetooth earphone,bluetooth USB dongle,Laptops, portable sex toys,inflatable girlfriends, anal massagers, and other sick things to play with. :sheep:

We ship worldwide via rickshaw drivers and people that fly airplanes into buildings in their spare time. All these products are all brand new (and fucked up) ,safely sealed in its original counterfit box and package with all its complete accessories and manuals (with batteries and instructions where to insert in your body included). And also with one year international warranty (yea right).:stupid:

we deliver within 2 days to buyer doorstep - so expect us when you least expect us::vollkomme

Note: We ship free due to the end of year sales (for a small fee). Presently we are running (from the law) promotions, and offering a free lubrication where by buyers bi any 2 or 3 inflatible saex partners or other sex Products.:toilet:

If you like my spam and want to congradulate me on how poorly my mother raised me,pls feel free to contact me or
SPAM my e-mail back at mobilephonesdirectlimited@hotmail.com (also serves as a good place to hook me up with homosexual beastiality (hamsters prefered):top:

or spend a shitload of money to call me internationally for a good time ;)

TelePhone # : +447024077539

2006-11-20, 13:51
And so begins the countdown to spammer smackdown...

Just Jeff
2006-11-20, 13:55
Personally, I'd make sure someone could speak proper English before I hired them as a manager. Your spam has atrocious syntax, punctuation and sentence structure. But I guess when you're just a spammer, education doesn't really matter.

Not that it's gonna matter once Rock sees this anyway...

SGT Rock
2006-11-20, 15:13
Damn, they cannot spell or read. Momma must have raised him wrong.

Just Jeff
2006-11-20, 15:57
Holy crap - Rock's feeling feisty today!

2006-11-20, 16:14
Mr. Anderson never had a date he couldn't inflate!:aetsch:

SGT Rock
2006-11-20, 17:21
Holy crap - Rock's feeling feisty today!

Yes, well I got back from COL Felts' memorial today. Not in the greatest of moods. He was a good man.

Just Jeff
2006-11-20, 18:00

bird dog
2006-11-23, 03:04
Love the picture of the sheep. Apparently, this guy is from a place where the men are men and the sheep run scared. BD

2006-11-24, 19:46
A nod to you your loss, my friend.

BTW, WTF happened here? There was never any spam on HQ when I left. A brother's overseas and some jackass spams his site? Get me an ip. I learned some new tricks this tour;). Not as good as Plumber's putty in a gas tank, but the computer version of that!

SGT Rock
2006-11-24, 23:35
Oh I get the IPs. This guy was from Texas. Red Oak if I remember correctly. The rest of the ID was all a fake I am sure - disposable e-mail and the like.