View Full Version : Excerpts from the Speech of Al-Qaeda leader in Iraq

'Salamalakem Y'all
2006-11-23, 07:09
I am a spamming Jihadist JAckass. Really!

I am a big old pussy that hides behind the internet and wishes I could blow up innocent women and children like my pussy brothers in Iraq. I loves me some murdering.

I must have missed that part in the Koran about being peacefull. Probably because reading is damn hard when you live in your mom's basement.

But really. I am a lame ass college student from Texas that thinks this stuff is cute. Too bad my momma raised me wrong.

Praise Allah!

2006-11-23, 08:29

2006-11-23, 10:52
Interesting, but I get this through my newsgroup.

And it needs to be on another forum. Or so I believe.

What do you think Rock, Dixie?

SGT Rock
2006-11-23, 11:34
Some guys will never learn.

This is a special kind of idiot.

2006-11-23, 11:53
LOL Good one Sarge.
"If he deserves a break, you certainly do."

Frolicking Dino
2006-11-23, 14:31
I will be glad to help break him.

2006-11-23, 20:38
It's stupid, but one of the things that bugs me most about these spams is that these jackasses are using pseudonyms that new real members might want to use

SGT Rock
2006-11-24, 03:16
Good point dropkick - Kit Kat gets a new name, something no real user would want.

:hahaha: "POOF"

It's like I have magical powers here sometimes. :hmmmm: