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SGT Rock
2003-01-07, 23:53
OK gang, here is the fix, at least for now. I used the site license from the forum to set this one up, and I hope ATTroll sees this and approves, especially since the license is in his name LOL :D

I am leaving tommorrow to go to the field, but I will be coming in and out most days, and Monday night I should be back for good. Until then, TheColonel and my wife Dixicritter have offered to do admin duties. Be nice.

Here are the issues I want to get hashed out until I get back:

1. Is the site user friendly enough? If so, skip to question 3.

2. If the answer was no, what is the problem?

3. What would you like to see improved?

4. What should the new forum be called?

5. Do we really need a new domain and name, or will this be enough?


Thanks for your responses ahead of time.

2003-01-08, 11:09
I am the occasional forum poster and more of a lurker. The site setup and registering process seemed pretty straight forward.
The only thing I didn't see (most likely can't do until the server issue is worked out) is a photo gallery. I really enjoy looking and posting at various trail photos. Thanks for providing the forum. I'm a novice webmaster type (especially with forums) but have time if you need any admin help.