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2003-01-16, 23:03
O.K., what's the secret to the Avatars?(sounds like a fantasy adventure novel) I scanned a picture, it's saved as a JPG file. whenever I try to set it on the avatar thingy I get told it's not a real JPG file. Any insights?:confused:

SGT Rock
2003-01-16, 23:12
Maybe you saved it with a jpg extension but it is really a different file type.

2003-01-17, 00:16
Also the pic can't be larger than 100 x 100 pixels. or it won't go in.

If you'd like you can email me the pic and I'll work on it for ya. PM me for the details.

2003-01-17, 22:54
I now have it saved as a GIF file, it exepted that but I can't get it saved in a shrunk form. I'm working with paperport. I shall not give up!:D

2003-01-17, 23:33
Determined now are ya? lol. It will not beat you.

let me know if ya need help, I'll never tell. ;)

2003-01-19, 09:23

2003-01-19, 09:26
HeeHeeHee!Ididit! Note, this is not a puppy, it's a DataDog, worth several million Wulongs in the year 2071.

2003-01-19, 09:41
I was thinking it looked almost like a fox. lol. Glad you got it fixed! Congrats! :)