View Full Version : asymmetric hammock design question

2006-11-27, 07:44
The Hennessy hammocks advertise an asymmetric shape which is supposedly better than the standard rectangular shape. I have sewn my own hammocks in the past and am considering making another. The upper diagram shows the pattern which I have used previously, which is simply a rectangle with the ends folded over and hemmed to form a tunnel which the support ropes pass through. I am wondering if the lower diagram will produce the effect of the asymmetric Hennessy’s; or is another design needed? In other words, what shape is the Hennessy when it is laid out flat? Any insights would be appreciated, thanks.


SGT Rock
2006-11-27, 12:35
I have no clue myself. I have never tried to make a hammock. BUT there is a bunch of folks over at www.hammockforums.net that have.

2006-11-28, 11:41
I checked out a few posts which may be very helpful, thanks again.

Just Jeff
2006-11-28, 12:42
I'm not sure that would make it asym - I think that would make one side hang looser than the other. Looser sides can make it easier to lay flat, but can also make it more unstable and you'll have to deal with the sides sagging in your face.

Try it out, though - if it doesn't work you can always trim that side back to normal shape. Let us know if it works!