View Full Version : My first real HH test!

2006-11-27, 11:56
I went hiking into the Leatherwood Wilderness area here in Arkansas last week. We had a wonderful time. I was able to put my Hennessy Hammock to the test. Temps in the low 20's, I stayed warm in the hammock with a 25 deg bag wearing silk and fleece. I have never slept more comfortably away from home. There was no wind so my friend Jose Cuervo had to rock me to sleep.
Here are some pics I took while at and around camp:

We are planning a three night trip in the area for next month. I will not be packing my tent!

Happy trails,
Steve in AR

SGT Rock
2006-11-27, 12:32
Looks like a great trip. Glad you got it to work fine in the cold for you.

Just Jeff
2006-11-27, 12:56
That looks like an awesome campsite...a picture doesn't really describe the feeling of waking up in a place like that, does it?

bird dog
2006-11-28, 02:20
Beautiful pictures. Great spot to hang. BD