View Full Version : Hoods in the Woods

2003-01-16, 23:16
Hoods in the Woods are groups consisting of 2-3 leaders (ie-counselors) and about 12 boys or girls. These "hoods" are being sent out into the woods because they need "motivation" to become outstanding citizens of society.

The "wilderness retreats" that they are rewarded with consists of hiking one behind the other, sitting in circles discussing behavior, and the whole group sleeping under one tarp that is parallel to the ground. They are out in the woods anywhere from 4-15 days, depending on what they did to get themselves into such a nightmare.

Sometimes Thru-hikers are invited to talk to these group (read- free motivational speakers) who then taunt the "hoods" that they out there because they WANT to be. The "hoods" are unbelieving at first, but soon look at said thru hiker with disgust as they know no one would say they are doing such a trip if it wasn't true.