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2006-11-28, 12:56
I was at the dollar store yesterday, picked up 2 cat collars. Now I don't have any cats, but these collars are nylon tubular fabric. I cut the threads holding the buckle and D-ring, took the collar apart for the parts.

I use the parts as follows:

1. the buckle - plastic side release. Using about 8' (yours will probably vary, but in the 7' to 10' range) of parachute cord, from the middle of the cord length, run two lengths between the two buckle pieces, girth hitch on one end. Then using the two free ends tie a Solomon Bar back over the two runs, end to end. You end up with a nice looking bracelet with a length of para cord. Melt the ends into a blob to keep the Solomon Bar and the cord from unraveling. The Solomon Bar makes an attractive bracelet for the wrist. Wear it whenever you hike and you will always have that length of para cord available even when you have wandered away from your pack for some sight-seeing. The bracelet has come in handy for me at least twice. Some people like to use paracord for shoe laces for that reason, but I find the bracelet gives me quite a bit more length. If I pull the interior cords free, I have 8' of casing and 56' of cord for whatever I need. All carried on the wrist and not even noticed until needed. When hiking I don't take mine off, even to wash, it is always with me that way. I prefer the camo cord.

2. Using the tubular nylon (lying flat it is 7/8" wide, I think they might have 1" tubular nylon in collars also). I use the tubular nylon for two purposes.

a. Cut about 1/2" longer than TI stakes. Heat seal one end closed and the other end open. Stuff the stakes in the open end. Will hold 6 or 7 nicely. With the stakes stuffed in the nylon tube, I don't have to worry about the ends punching through stuff sacks and the tube keeps the stakes neatly organized in one bundle. Also, make it easy for me to count them when breaking camp.

b. With the remainder of the tube, I heat seal both ends open and then thread rope or cord through the tube when I need to run the rope/cord over a rock or other abrasive surface. The rope/cord runs through the nylon tube instead of abrading on the rock. The reimainder of the tube weighs between 1/2 oz and 1 oz. and so will fit in practically any pack. Of course, for the person that cuts handles off toothbrushes, that might still be too much. :biggrin:

I haven't come up with any really good use for the steel D-rings yet, but I'm keeping my eyes open. Seems a waste not to use them for something.

For $1.00, it's quite a bargain.

Those dollar stores can be a treasure trove in many ways.

2006-11-28, 13:46
Wow... very nice use in many ways... I espcially like the bracelet / emergency cord and the rope protector ideas... gotta check on finding one of these at my local 1$ store...

bird dog
2006-11-29, 02:30
Ingenious, though I cant picture the bracelet in my minds eye. Can you post a pic? BD

2006-11-29, 12:58
Sure here are three pictures of the bracelet: bottom, top and side:

If you have Ashley's Book of Knots (ABOK), it is number 2496. Also, the Solomon Bar is shown here:


about 2/3 down.

I like the cat collars since the side release buckle has a slight curve to it which you can see in the side picture. Thus, the buckle conforms to the wrist better than a straight line buckle.

2006-11-29, 17:44
Also, here's a picture of 6 TI stakes stuffed in the tube holder:

Woods Walker
2006-11-29, 20:37
I use fish tank air tube to protect my gear from the shape points of my Ti stakes.


bird dog
2006-11-30, 01:06
Thanks TD. Great idea. Now I have to practice my knot tying and try it. WW, the fish tank thing is a great idea too. My Ti stakes are still silver. I was thinking of buying some flourescent paint because I loose at least one stake per trip in the dirt. I will be buyin a cat collar soon!