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2006-12-02, 19:39
I am trying to take the lightweight philosophy futher into my daily life. An EDC is a major part of this thinking. This is a topic I have spent a great deal of time and effort on over the last year. I want to try and build a super light, super cheap EDC rig, for everyday life. Thought this could be fun and
interactive. Also quite different from the rigs ive seen in other forums. We have here (at hikinghq) a combination of military and backpacker. I look forward to your thoughts, ideas, and whole package contributions.

What do you have to do? Simply dump your pockets, pick out the garbage, and tell us/show us here your absolute lightest, cheapest, most practical
EDC. This does not need to include such expansive kits as some peoples "1st line gear". Just share a basic EDC. Defined as:

The stuff that is in your pockets, or on your person wether you are in a business suit, bluejeans, or swimsuit. The stuff that is always on you, and will be, when you die.

Here are the goals (indulge me. Please still share, if you do not fit all the criteria here. This goal list is just a personal list I am working on for my own further refinement)

1. A lightweight EDC that is under 1lb.
2. A complete EDC that meets maximum utility and practicality in
EVERYDAY situations. Not a bug-out EDC, not a bushcraft EDC. Just
everyday working joe life. (when real emergencies actually happen).
3. The rig should be a 'working rig'. Stuff you will actually use, abuse,
and arent afraid to replace or lose. Therefore the maximum cost
of the rig should be no more than $50.00 CDN.

Here is my contribution:
The Kit:

1. - Al, reg size screw gate biner. (non climbing)
Cost: $0.89
Weight: 0.9oz
2. - Wenger SAK Highlander model
Cost: $17.00 canadian tire (big box store)
Weight: 2.0oz (chain lanyard removed)
3. - Stanley 95-113 - MiniTripod Flashlight
Cost: $6.75
Weight: 0.7oz with batteries (keychain lanyard removed)
4. - Generic Swiss knockoff-Victornox/Wenger Emergency whistle
Cost: $2.99
Weight: 0.4oz
* - whistle contains 3 storm-strike matches and waterproof vital data sheet;
blood type, phone contacts, allergies, etc etc.
5. - Photon Freedom Micro-Light attatched to 10ft rayon dynamic cord.
Cost: $15.00 light, $3.00 cordage.
Weight: 0.7oz
6. - Generic button compass/needle thermometer on carabiner
Cost: $1.49
Weight: 1.1oz
7. - 2 canadian quarters wrapped in tape (to remember not to spend them)
Cost: $0.50
Weight: 0.3oz
8. - Generic dollar store, imitation Garrity keychain light.
Cost: $1.00
Weight: 0.4oz (keychain lanyard removed)
stays in pants pocket. opposite side of tripod light.
9. - Stripped down swedish firesteel.
Cost: $4.00
Weight: 0.7oz
10. personal keys
cant get rid of any more than this.

Debatable EDC items I included:

11. Surplus cadpat field hat. Some hat, ball cap, touque, one hat, any hat... the point is... have a hat. Even if im not wearing it indoors (wifes orders), anywhere, anytime... a hat is a part of my EDC.
Cost: $0.00 everyone has a hat.
Weight: 2.2oz
12. Surplus wool fingerless gloves. Season specific obviously. Listed here because they are nearly in the same league of necessity as the hat. At least as a blue collar worker. Gloves of some kind, make up a major part of my working day. Forgetting them really sucks.
Cost: $0.00 (company supplied. I havent purchased gloves in 6 yrs)
Weight: 2.1oz
13. Sanyo SPC-7300 cellular phone (bell canada provider). Integrated
PCS 2 way radio. Integrated GPS locator beacon. As much as I hate to
admit... my phones ARE the HEART of my EDC. I hate cell phones. But it is a part of life. At least one of my phones is with me at all times. (ya ... im that guy in the movie theatre. sorry) This particular one is my most current work phone. Nearly 6 months now without needing a replacement.
Cost: >$4000.00 per year. I am very hard on phones. And corporate fleet plans are insane. However the end cost to myself is ... $0.00. Unless i break another one:biggrin:
Weight: 5.1oz

Grand total Cost: $47.52 with all tax.
Grand total Weight: 18.8oz (included all debatable items as weights)
+2.8oz over goal. Not bad for first attempt. Thought I was going to come in alot heavier. Maybe it just all feels heavier some days. Worth noting. I have cut almost 2lbs off my EDC of a few months ago.

all weights measured on starfrit kitchen digital scale

2006-12-02, 19:53
So .... inquiring minds want to know.....

Whats it got in its pockets precious??!

please share.

bird dog
2006-12-02, 21:37
You forgot the spy camera! Just kidding. I have never thought of it as an essentials "kit", but I too carry one.

My items are a bit heavier because I always carry my badge and an off-duty weapon with me. I always have at least one knife (usually a Smith and Wesson SRT model and my Gerber Juice - with about five feet of braided 550 chord attached), a cell phone and pager (mandated by work), and a small LED flashlight.

Kind of like the American Express Card - Never leave home without it. I carry more in my car, but that was on a different thread. I also always carry a small notepad and a pen with me.

Not exactly what you were looking for, but thats what I carry nonetheless.


2006-12-02, 21:39
Turk, you take a paddle to the head or something? :biggrin:

OK, you asked, and if you think I weigh my gear, think again...

Phone; Audiovox CDM-8610 Virgin Mobile, no b.s. $8 per month avarage useage prepaid. Phones suck. I do not want people calling me. Where I hunt and hike, phones do not work. If you really, really, really need to reach me, call me at my office, or home, otherwise, FO.

Knife; Victorinox supertinker.

Light; AAA minimag.

Watch; cheapo timex expedition indiglo with mini compass on band. real fancy....

Wallet, cash, plastic, identification, no need for condoms anymore.. marriage.....you know.....nevermind...

Kubaton defender keychain with cuff keys, auto ignition, home entry, bare minimum.

No hat, sporting a flattop.

2006-12-02, 22:06
Geez, I guess I lead a pretty civilized life. I got my keys in my right pocket, a Swiss Army Knife in my left, and my wallet in my right back pocket. That's all folks. :bandit:

2006-12-02, 22:49
I'm going over $50, because while the Seber is considerable cheaper now, when I bought it, it was about $35. Plus my pocket knife was $35 to $45.

Pocket knife SOG Twitch I
M3 Seber mini tool hooked to key chain
book of matches wrapped in waxpaper
(I've lived in or near the woods most of my life - fire is a big necessity, close to no. 1 on emergency tools to have - pocket knife is no. 1)
flat beadless whistle (for my dog, but..)
2 handkerchefs - 1 for my nose, 1 for my glasses - you don't want to confuse these, escpecially during hay fever season.

Prepaid phone
I only take this when I'm going into the woods, out of town, or if I've made previous arrangements to call or be called. Normally only used to call out. It is very seldom turned on.

no name LED aaa flashlight
Not carried all the time, but actually more than the phone.
Is kept with the keys by the front door.

I only wear a hat for sun protection when fishing or hiking - straw cowboy, or crusher.

When I walk the dog or dayhike I also often carry a daypack or butt pack which contains MUCH more. - to lazy to list

Now that it's winter, in my coat I also carry 2 pair of gloves (I always get one pair wet), a scarf, a watch cap, and sun glasses.

bird dog
2006-12-02, 23:06
Forgot to mention that I wear a "Highgear" watch. Among other things, it features a digital compass, thermometer, and altimeter. All three are accurate enough for the purpose they serve. BD

2006-12-02, 23:10
My items are a bit heavier because I always carry my badge and an off-duty weapon with me. /.../
Kind of like the American Express Card....
Better be careful.
My neighbor tried to use his weapon as a charge card and they didn't like it at all. :biggrin:

2006-12-03, 05:14
Holy hikers Batman (I mean Turk)!!!...you need a utility belt to hold all that stuff! :ahhhhh:

bird dog
2006-12-03, 18:47
Better be careful.
My neighbor tried to use his weapon as a charge card and they didn't like it at all. :biggrin:

Havent had that happen, YET! Do know of a guy that had his in an ankle holster and dropped it chasing someone. Sinking feeling Im told.


2006-12-04, 17:02
Speaking of everything but the kitchen sink and utility belts check out this rig.

I bet it's heavy but the leatherwork is certainly impressive!


Frolicking Dino
2006-12-04, 21:04
Well, fellows, I carry a purse - a big one. Has all sorts of things from contact lens stuff to a spare diaper with wipes... Bandages in 3 sizes and antibotic wipes.... meds for everything from upset tummies to serious pain... tiny brush / comb, hairspray, make-up, sunscreen...

In the spirit of what you guys are discussing - my keychain has:
A swiss card multi-tool (http://www.target.com/gp/detail.html/sr=1-1/qid=1165282918/ref=sr_1_1/602-4580749-1463032?ie=UTF8&asin=B000JPV4ME) $25 (on sale)

a letter opener blade, scissors, straight pin, pressurized ballpoint pen, tweezers and magnifying glass, 3 mm. and 5 mm. screwdriver, #00-0 and #1-2 Phillips screwdriver, LED mini light and ruler with inches and centimeters
A small tape measure - $1
A mini-mag light (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/images/B000JWF84C/ref=dp_image_0/103-6294155-0863047?ie=UTF8&n=228013&s=hi) $5
A 512 MB jump drive (http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=2564640&Sku=M200-5008) (has emergency info - phone numbers, links to my favorite websites and a link to a password protected site where things like credit card numbers, bank info and such is available) $10 (on Sale)

2006-12-04, 22:26
-Money clip with assorted important cards wrapped inside the cash.

-Lighter with LED flashlight (http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/view?&p=999&uid=4923944&gid=10186416&galleryPassword=skaKtGrwXxg6U&imgid=153322086)

-Pocket tape measure/magnet (http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/view?&p=999&uid=4923944&gid=10186416&galleryPassword=skaKtGrwXxg6U&imgid=153322059)

-Joyce Chen Handy little Knife (http://www.amazon.com/Joyce-Chen-Handy-Little-Knife/dp/B0001UZMOI) if wearing cargo pants, Klein pocketknife (http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://ec3.images-amazon.com/images/P/B00093GDFE.01-A3REKJCJFKDI0B._PE31_OU01_SCMZZZZZZZ_.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00093GDFE%3Fv%3Dglance&h=132&w=176&sz=4&hl=en&start=95&tbnid=VB0l_s0NaILXbM:&tbnh=75&tbnw=100&prev=/images%3Fq%3DKlein%2Bknife%26start%3D90%26ndsp%3D1 8%26svnum%3D10%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D%26sa%3DN) if not.

-Cell phone and belt clip while working.

-Truck keys.

2006-12-07, 16:16
...a link to a password protected site where things like credit card numbers, bank info and such is available) $10 (on Sale)

Google "Password Safe" for a free download that will allow you to encrypt all the sensitive info and carry it in the "thumb".

Frolicking Dino
2006-12-07, 16:33
Atraildreamer, thanks for the tip on "Password Safe"