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bird dog
2006-12-07, 03:05
Thats right....Turk changes his AVATAR about as often as we Americans change our chonies. So I thought, if Turk (and now Skidsteer) can change theirs, why not change mine?

At first, I thought about a self portrait sitting under my new MacCat Deluxe with a disco ball spinning on solar power reflecting my new surefire LED light. But, then I would have to tell my wife I bought the Surefire AND the MacCat. Then, theres still the issue of finding a place to rent a disco ball, not having a timer thingy on my digital camera, and not knowing enough about solar power to figure something out. So.......

I thought why not this. If no one else appreciates it, I know that Rock and Seeker will. SCOUTS OUT.


2006-12-07, 10:21
It's nice to put a face with whom we communicate!

2006-12-07, 11:07

Screen the swamp.


2006-12-08, 08:33
I change my avatar because I've got nothing but time to kill.:biggrin:
Nowhere to go, and getting pretty bored.

Here is my driveway this morning.
There is my GMC Safari work van under that big one.
My neighbour is the saucer shaped one to the right. But the real #@%!)(&
problem are all the abandoned cars everywhere. You can just see in the
bottom left of the photo there, what is left of an abandoned pontiac sunfire.
Im not going anywhere soon. Even if I could get past the pontiac
there are 5 abandoned cars blocking traffic on the street. Another 36" of snow
last night and its still going pretty good.

How are things your way Bodiak? I hear its not bad to the east.
Highways, business/ schools are supposedly open and everything.
Supposed to stop sometime tonight. Calling for another 4" or so.
Apparently if you can get past Woodstock, the 401 is driveable.

I tried to go get milk at the corner store last night in the Honda, but it was
up to the hood and I couldnt get enough traction to push that much. Finally
gave up and walked back to get my van to pull the car out of the swath I
cut. A fun and frustrating few hrs.

So indulge my lack of commitment to an avatar.... im a shut in.
(too crazy to enjoy the outdoor with the homicidal motorists pretending
to be rally drivers and actually slam their cars and trucks through walls
of snow.)

2006-12-08, 09:08
Turk, you need to invest in some snow shoes and a snowmobile. I am very jealous. The only thing on my suv right now is mud and algea.

Just Jeff
2006-12-08, 12:51
Good hammock testing weather.

It was almost 70 here yesterday... :D

2006-12-08, 12:56
Good hammock testing weather.

It was almost 70 here yesterday... :D

It's 9 degrees (F) right now. If it gets much colder, we'll start putting coats on. We're not likely to see 70 again until May! Ahhh... that's what snowshoes and dogs are for!:biggrin:

Just Jeff
2006-12-08, 13:12
It's 9 degrees (F) right now. If it gets much colder, we'll start putting coats on.

Haha...we have the opposite here in Monterey. You can tell the tourists b/c they're on the beach in swimsuits. And they're the only ones in the water w/o wetsuits..."I came to the beach on vacation and I'm gonna swim damnit, even if I'm going hypothermic to do it" sort of thing. Most folks who live here have wetsuits if they're beach-types...we know better! Some days shorts and T-shirts are ok on the beach, but it's usually so windy that locals know to wear pants or a jacket.

bird dog
2006-12-08, 18:42
Man, do you know how many snowballs I could make if my yard looked like that? The kids would be running for their lives! :bandit:


2006-12-09, 06:06
It sucks here.
We only have enough snow to make things pretty.
I want winters like we used to have.
By now we should have at least 2 foot of snow.
At least it could get colder...I want to scare out the new people that keep putting houses were fields used to be.

2006-12-09, 08:15
Hey Turk!

Your photos remind me of that movie "The Day After Tomorrow". Do you resemble Dennis Quaid?

Memorable Quotes from
The Day After Tomorrow (2004):

atraildreamer: "Turk, I think it's time you got out of there." :afraid:

Turk: "I'm afraid that time has come and gone, my friend."

atraildreamer: "What can we do?" :dontknow:

Turk: "Save as many as you can."

Canada...11 months of winter and 1 month of poor skiing!

2006-12-09, 09:15
It felt like the day after tomorrow. I trudged out to get the wife a coffee from Tim hortons. Waded through waist to chest deep snow and took almost an hour to go 2 blocks. ... but she got her coffee.:biggrin: The amazing thing was that TH was open. (I am reasonably sure that even nuclear fallout will not close a Tim Hortons... they probablly have uniforms for that).

Got the family all geared up. Strapped on my golite Jam and rigged my daughter to a small plastic toboggan. We set out for the mall, on a rumor that the highway had been cleared and was quasi-accessible. It took just over 3hrs to travel aprox 8-10 city blocks. But it was a good time. Never made it to the mall. Daughter had a blast riding behind. Some neighbours were valliantly driving their snowblowers down the street to make pedestrian pathways to the corner store and the local bar. Found a burger joint open, and an LCBO. Got a stockpile of whiskey and baileys and snaked our way home through the network of snowblower paths and toboggan runs made by kids.

Good times.

The roads were unbelieveable. Over 220 accidents in less than 24hrs. Hundreds of abandoned cars. We stopped
dozens of times to give assistance to underdressed morons that were stranded in their cars waiting for tow trucks that could be up to 12hrs behind the ploughs.

2006-12-09, 11:12
Turk, your kids will remember this! I grew up on a dead-end street (the source of many childhood developmental issues, but we won't go there:afraid: ). The year of the 'big one' would have left us stranded for weeks, except that the Adjutant General of the National Guard lived one house further down the street than we did. The guard plowed one lane to his house and no further. Neighbors with snowmobiles came 'round to bring the kids to the ski areas.

bird dog
2006-12-09, 13:20

Screen the swamp.


Ahhhhh, spoken like a man who knows that a scout performs two missions.....reconnaissance and security. And that the screen is the primary security mission performed by a scout. (Theres also guard and cover.....at least it was so when I was in).


bird dog
2006-12-09, 13:24
Turk - How effective is a "plastic toboggan" in keeping the head warm? :biggrin:

2006-12-09, 19:27
The roads were unbelieveable. Over 220 accidents in less than 24hrs. Hundreds of abandoned cars. We stopped
dozens of times to give assistance to underdressed morons that were stranded in their cars waiting for tow trucks that could be up to 12hrs behind the ploughs.
We always get a ton of accidents with the first snows.
For some reason, many people can't seem to remember how to drive in snow from season to season.

I always remember a man from Onterio though. I was up on Fletcher pass providing support for my brother (he was scared about going over the pass with our Mom and Aunt with him - wanted another vehicle along (and digger/pusher) in case he had problems.

Anyway, we went up the road a way and came across a car off the side of the road stuck in the drifts. We stopped, pushed him out, and watched him fishtail up the road with his gas petal floored.

A short distance later we stopped to get him out again. We kept trying to get him to give it a little gas, but he only had 2 gas petal positions - foot off and flat on the floor. Finally my brother had him get out of the car while he drove it out.

While we were standing outside the car I tried again to explain to him that you didn't want to floor it. He agreed and seemed to listen. But as soon as he got in the car he floored it.

We stopped and got him unstuck one more time. This time while my brother was driving his car out I asked him how long he'd lived in Onterio (on his license plate) he replied that he'd lived there for 20 years. My brother tried to convince him to turn around and spend the night in Clancy. He wouldn't do it. He got in his car and fishtailed off.

We passed him off the road and stuck in a drift a short time later. We didn't stop.

We could see others stopping as we went on.
I figure his wife (also in the car) must have finally got him to turn around, as there were no reports of a car driving off the pass and falling to their death in the paper that winter. And that's what would have happened next.

I always wonder if he was telling me the truth about how long he'd lived in Onterio, how come he couldn't drive in snow?

2006-12-13, 21:37
That's a scarey picture, Turk, way too cold for my wussie blood.

2006-12-14, 16:02
DK Scarry story . The smartest part of it was each time you helped , You "watched" him drive on. Whenever I see someone driving dangeriously , I make it a point to stay behind him, keeping them in front and in sight. A friend i know, saw a drunk driver at a red light. When the light turned green the drunk just sat there , so my friend went on. He got rear-ended at the next light. Bad drivers have a hard time hitting you when there in front. Sounds like a strong candidate for Darwin Awards. SS :captain:

bird dog
2006-12-18, 09:51
Turk, thats three in the last week.

1 - The "Up there" avatar
2 - The "Yellow Snow" avatar
3 - Now the "Fear the Spork" avatar

Will the madness ever end?


2006-12-18, 20:04
Since someone was keeping score
Ill have to unleash the uber-avatar