View Full Version : JRB for Christmas

2006-12-15, 21:44
Is it just me or does it seem like everyone is getting JRB quilts for Christmas?

Everywhere you look people are getting their new JRB quilts.,
"ohh look at my nest", "oh lala my 3 season set just came in"
"well I have a JRB proto type quilt .. its blue"
well fine.... :eviltongu
May have mentioned this.... but persistance seems
to work for some people around here.

Turk Wants a Weathershield and Old Rag Mountain for Christmas!!


SGT Rock
2006-12-15, 22:19
Amazing photos. I never realized so many famous people hike.

bird dog
2006-12-17, 01:46
I would almost be willing to buy Turk one to see more photos like that. BTW, Chuck Norris doesnt need a JRB Quilt to stay warm.....His Rage is the reason for global warming.

Anyway, Turk, I just got my JRB three season set and weathershield (top and bottom). It is an amazing setup! Goes great with my MacCat Deluxe. Im almost set now. (Remember the hard time you gave me when I wanted my MacCat?):biggrin:


2006-12-22, 15:13
They look warm and cosy - but are clearly colour-blind. :-)