View Full Version : Esbit fuel stove at 40F performance

2006-12-16, 13:51
Am I nuts to hope that an esbit solid fule stove will boil at temps in the low 40Fs? I'm playing a long-distance hike in the Grand Canyon where I expect temps to drop and don't know if esbit solid fuel will work. Obviously I'm loath to carry a gram more than I have to because I'll be carrying so much water.

SGT Rock
2006-12-16, 14:44
Your not nuts. Just play with it and a windscreen.

2006-12-16, 18:49
I have burned esbit at 40deg and lower. Esbit tabs burn about 12 minutes each. (Atleast mine do...) I really think they burn about the same, irregardless of the temp....but....I think the difference you may notice is the starting temp of your water and cooking equipment. I personally have used esbit fuel tabs below ten degrees (maybe 8 degrees). What I did start to do was to bring along some hexamine tablets to supplement the esbit, if I was not happy with the resulting 12 minute burn, I would simply slide a hexamine tablet into the flame just before the esbit burned up, and the hexamine would always finish the job. Esbit really is some cool stuff, just a bit spendy at 50cents a burn...

The hexamine tabs I am speaking of, are like the coghlans or similar type tabs like these: http://www.imsplus.com/ims28.html at 15cents each not too bad. I still occasionally use the esbit/hexamine.... but bring alcohol stove equip if I am cooking for more than one....

2006-12-22, 16:07
Knew I could count on finding answers here.

I have a few hikes in winter temps before the Grand Canyon and will take the stove along and see how that does.

2006-12-22, 19:48
I have little experience with esbit tabs, I just bought some for the first time. I have much experience with hexamine 'cause that is what the Army issues (sometimes). I had a small supply of army "heat tabs" (hexamine) that I dipped into a while back that I'd had quite a long time and they would barely burn. They were wrapped in the foil wrapper and looked okay but they would barely burn. I guess they have a shelf life. So, if you see a deal on some surplus heat tabs, it may not be such a deal.

Does anyone have any idea how long you can stash a bottle of methanol before it loses heat output?

2006-12-26, 09:11
I did some testing with my Esbit stove and it was around forty and seemed to work OK. I was useing a Esbit stove knockoff which is smaller and my snowpeak Ti. kettle. This seems ideal for coastal SC as I was running the A/C yesterday afternoon.

2006-12-26, 09:31
They do have a good side to them. If you are planning a trip with the need of only a few burns, I appreciate them. Not sure of your design, but I can get four esbit plus six hexamine "helper" tabs to carry inside of my standard issue esbit stove. This covers me for a two day trip.

2006-12-26, 11:08
This stove is about 3/4 the size of the issue, the Snowpeak sits "better" on it. It holds 4 tabs and I try to keep it outside of the pack as the tabs stink. I may be going to a alkie stove when I get around making one.

2006-12-26, 21:45
Ya, don't miss "Esbitification", that wretched poopy diaper and plastic smell which emanates from opened Esbit fuel tabs...; which can invade unsuspecting corners of ones backpack , shirt pocket or hand, giving one the impression that they may have "slipped or missed" whilst cleansing ones own backside. :bootyshak :hello:

I started wrapping my unopened fuel tabs in a bit of saran wrap, then foil, to help preserve the foil pack they are sold in. The saran wrap to protect the original packaging and hold in stink, the foil to hold the saran wrap....(the knee bones connected to the - thigh bone...)

2006-12-27, 02:03
The stoves are a pocket pyramid stove burns esbits but make i a shoe polish can for them with a v stand so it sits higher with fiberglass and screen in can plus cover with hole
o k i took a tea candle take out wax put a roll of cardboard put hot bees wax in it let cool just doing a test to see if bees wax would work or not the shine the in between stoves is the wind screen the shop temp 40F outside temp 32F water 16 oz. at 40Fstart both stoves at same start timer left bee right alcohol after5 mi. bee 80F alco 95F 9 min. bee124F alco148F after 12 min alco was done burning 164F min. alcohol had only 1/2 oz. fuel the bee wax took 15 min. to get 165F still had a little burn time left picture a little bad but

http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d52/oops62/th_beesstove.jpg (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d52/oops62/beesstove.jpg)