View Full Version : Contented squirrels???

2006-12-19, 22:35
I came home tonight and sat in the car for a few minutes watching 2 squirrels run up and down the tree next to my parking spot. I keep a bag of peanuts (unsalted) in the shell to feed the little furry tree rats and tossed them a handful. Both of them grabbed a peanut, ran up the tree. sat on a branch, and started eating.

I heard both of them make a low-pitched growling noise while they were eating, something I have never heard before. A friend told me that the noise was a form of purring, indicating contentment, sort of like a cat when it is purring.

Has anyone ever heard a squirrel "purr" like this?

2006-12-20, 18:34
I have heard that many times, though I had no idea what it indicated.

Frolicking Dino
2006-12-20, 19:08
And all this time I thought my squirrels didn't like me :)

2006-12-20, 19:59
Thought it was because they didn't like my cats.

2006-12-21, 00:38
squirrel meat is only good plastered in tabasco.

2006-12-21, 16:55

It was so nice of you to send all that snow down to Jason Klass in Denver! :ahhhhh: