View Full Version : Lot's of free on-line books

2006-12-21, 08:30
I am a spammer. :bootyshak

I came here today trying to get you to buy books :albertein

Which is supprising since I decided not to read the note about spam :bird:

Because my momma raised me wrong.:eviltongu

2006-12-21, 12:49
Here ya go Rock!

2006-12-21, 16:07
Here ya go Rock!

:adore: :beer:

Just Jeff
2006-12-22, 01:35
MMMMmmmm....Spam sammich, fried spam, baked spam, deviled spam, spam on the campfar, spam on the barbie...

2006-12-22, 02:38
JJ, you are making me hungry.:eating:

Come to think of it, I am always hungry.....

Just Jeff
2006-12-22, 02:41
Maybe you could mix up some spam with those little birdies you catch in your camp stove.