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tom blum
2006-12-22, 21:14
Hey Sgt. Rock,

I'm making a gearskin clone.

It's done except for the top straps.

Do you think the top straps should connect to the front or the back top flap? Your picture seems to show them on the back flap. I kind of like the idea of running them over the top buckles and down to the front of the shoulder straps.

What do you think??


Hog On Ice
2006-12-23, 08:45
well I'll stick in my two cents even if I wasn't asked directly -

If you are talking about the the two straps over the top that are used for load compression purposes - IMO these two straps should be buckled to the back top and not brought over to the front of the straps.

If you are talking about the two adjustable straps that go from the top of the shoulder harness to the buckles where the top compression straps connect then I am of the opinion that connecting them to the strap that is sewn into the shoulder harness works best when the connection is made at the top of the shoulder - this allows easy adjustment of how far the pack leans back for air flow or how close to the back the pack is carried for good balance control. There is no particular reason however that attaching these two straps somewhat further down the front of the shoulder harness wouldn't work but there would be an added load to the shoulders that the other approach would not have.

tom blum
2006-12-28, 07:13
A belated Thanks HOI!!

I have since learned the straps I am asking about are called "load levelers" by some.

Mine will fasten to the shoulder straps as you suggested and to the top pack closing straps.


SGT Rock
2006-12-28, 09:35
What HOI said.