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2006-12-23, 06:25
Anybody using freezer bags if so what is your favorite brand? How about some recipes for meals. Seems that thing like mashed potatoes, stuffing should be easy.

Hog On Ice
2006-12-23, 09:17
for recipes see sarbar's site : http://freezerbagcooking.com/

2006-12-23, 10:06
I use the regular Ziploc freezer bags. Never had a critiacl failure yet.

I mostly cook ramen noodles and Easy Mac(the Mac n Cheese that you use in a microwave).

tom blum
2006-12-23, 12:14
are the cooking bags considered as recycleable or as trash??

Just kind of curious how far the weight weenies will go. <G>


2006-12-23, 13:24
JT, could you elaborate on your alcohol burner/easy mac procedure? I figured that even though it was a "microwave" product it could still be cooked on a burner, just never tried it.

2006-12-23, 13:27
Tom, you can't recycle anything safely that has had wet food products in it, unless it can be scrubbed out with hot water, I don't think this would apply to a disposable plastic bag. Moisture plus room/body temp equals bacterial growth-every time.

2006-12-23, 14:04
I cook all my food in my freezer bags so they arent recycleable. I guess you could wash them out on the trail if you realy wanted to.

I just boil up some water and put 1/2 cup of water in with the noodles. Let sit for 10 min or so in my cozy and then add the cheese. Stir and eat. It doesnt have the consistancy of normal mac n cheese but it taste good.

Hog On Ice
2006-12-23, 14:25
if its a little soupy just add some instant mashed potatoes to suck up the extra water - with some practice you can get a good consistance sauce this way and the potatoes don't change the flavor too much

wrt to recycling the bags - nope - I often have added a bit of oil to the food in the bag just before adding the hot water - its not worth it trying to clean the bag - if there is a campfire I usually toss the bag in the fire after everyone is done cooking on the fire

wrt to the type of bags I use - I have found that with a cozy that supports the sides of the bag it is possible to use really cheap bags - I usually use store brand reclosable (aka ziploc type) sandwich bags - they work good enough for me - key item is to leave the top slightly open so the hot air in the bag does not pop a side seam

2006-12-23, 16:21
HOI, I agree. I use the same set up, bag as a liner in a mug or bowl, for my am Oatmeal breakfast. No messy clean up, I just toss any morning trash in the ziplock bag and save until my next fire...

I really like the liner system. No pot scrubbing!

2006-12-23, 17:54
Yea, but Iceman, you use 30 gallon trashbags for your meals.


2006-12-24, 00:14
Tell me about it. Most people use their bearproof food canisters to hold a week of food in, I cook in mine. :eating: I use my sleep pad to make a nice cozy for the barrel, saves on fuel...

2006-12-24, 00:39
I thought that you were youre own bearproofing.

2006-12-24, 12:15
You are right. I have no bearproof container. I have been trying to get a bear to come into my camp for years. I slather bacon grease and maple syrup on the top of my tent in an effort for a closer shot. Haven't got that close yet. This years bear was about 250 yards. I am looking for a little closer of a shot..... 250 yards makes for a lousy story...

2006-12-24, 13:24
Other people in the woods have Icemanproof containers.

Just Jeff
2006-12-29, 11:20
Shot? I thought that's what the coffee cup in your picture was for. A real man would just beat him down with a coffee cup. I didn't even spill my coffee when I did it.

But when I'm not in bear country, I use FBC. Very convenient. I never considered reusing the bags...one of the greatest things about FBC is no clean up...just stick the trash in the used bag and zip it up. Then on night 2, stick Day 1's trash inside and zip the whole thing together. If I smash it up, I can usually get a whole trip's garbage in one freezer bag.

I thought the book was worth the ~$12, too. Sarbar, who runs www.freezerbagcooking.com and wrote the book, posts often on several of these forums. Especially http://www.practicalbackpacking.com.

2006-12-29, 13:47
I was looking at some of her recipes on backpackinglight and am probably going to get the book in the next few weeks. Her giveaway recipes are very simple but sound like they would be good.