View Full Version : New Microlite

2006-12-23, 20:30
New to me anyways. Its the Doug Ritter Special Edtition MkII

http://www.aeromedix.com/ (http://www.aeromedix.com/?_siteid=aeromedix&_sessid=2b8d13ee6a5ac4d3e02d5923f316bd8b&action=sku&sku=freedomdr)

2006-12-23, 22:56
You and I can get the plain photon at the PX for $8.00. I had that same light without the LED shield tube, I never could remember the "keystrokes" to get the damn thing to do what I wanted. It wasn't intuitive to me. If I thought I needed a safety/strobe light I'd carry on of those Inovas with the bezel switch. I really like Ritters' Griptillian knife however, and his website is a treasure trove.

2006-12-23, 23:10
I have a photon light in my hunt gear which I wrapped a thin strip of electric tape around the LED to get the same effect. I didn't know this bothered others....I know it bothered me. The tape peeled off once. Put another wrap on it, this one stayed for a year. I was thinking of trying electrical wiring shrink tube next time, see if it stays put... A cheap fix...

2006-12-23, 23:43
I thought this one was pretty decent what with the water resistance, different lighting possibilities, and the extras.

2006-12-24, 10:53
I wasn't thinking about the water issue. I have been afraid to expose mine to any moisture....Keep it zipped up in a bag if raining...use my minimag carried in my hand.

This year our elk hunt was so wet. We had 18" inches of rain in a few days at Rainier, St Helens was similar. The whole week of my hunt it rained pretty much non-stop. Everything I carried or wore was saturated, except for a few goodies in my pack inside doubled ziploc bags... Took alot of whiskey at night in front of a heater to dry everything out!