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2006-12-26, 07:29
Can anyone tell me if the Wiregrass trail coming out of the Blackwater Forrest has any trail head parking at the Alabama State Line? The Florida trail web site list the trail head in the middle of the trail at hurricane lake. Says some thing like 6.something miles this way and 6.something miles that way <>
Does the trail just stop at a dead end at the Alabama line??? Are you expected to just turn around and head back?

2007-01-14, 11:07
As best as I can make out (without actually foot-testing it), the Blackwater connector hooks up with the Conecuh at the Alabama line and keeps going. There are three trailheads on the Blackwater. The Blackwater info page on the FTA site (http://www.floridatrail.org) points you to the Alabama HTS site page for the Conecuh (http://www.alabamatrail.com/conecuh.html).

The blurb on the FTA site reads:
"Location: The trail is northwest of Crestview in Blackwater River State Forest. The south terminus is at Deaton Bridge over the Blackwater River, 3.5 miles north of Holt on US 90. The north terminus is at the Florida/Alabama state line where it intersects with the Alabama Trail. A spur trail to the Karick Lake campgrounds starts just south of the intersection of Sherman Kennedy Road and Sherman Kennedy Road North."

Have fun,

2007-01-14, 22:15

I'm going to check it out next weekend.