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2006-12-26, 09:07
What is your favorite trail brew? I used to drink tea but I seem to have acquired a taste for the Folgers coffee bags, some fast food procured sweetner and Creamora.

2006-12-26, 09:34
Yuban instant, equal sweetner, creamer. (Also carry a few chicken boulion cubes for a warm up in cold weather if needed.)

2006-12-26, 10:10
Yuban instant, equal sweetner, creamer. (Also carry a few chicken boulion cubes for a warm up in cold weather if needed.)

Yuban instant?

I've never seen any in the stores around these parts. I'd love to try some since Yuban is my favorite 'everyday' coffee.

Where do you buy it?

2006-12-26, 10:28
Retailed locally around these parts at many stores, Albertsons etc.... Very good instant coffee, just opening the jar wakes me up! Yum! I have noticed; not retailed in all stores like other more common varieties, have been able to purchase for years... A definite must try at least...

2006-12-26, 10:49
morning drinks:
sambuca straight-up and a cigarette (mmm.. heaven)
Motts powdered apple cider
java juice (instant coffee)
medagalia d'oro (filtered coffee)

evening drinks:

vodka & any flavour crystal light (except kiwi...gross)
after8 hot chocolate & sambuca/fireball/whiskey
irish coffee

2006-12-26, 11:11
medagalia d'oro (filtered coffee)
yes that is good stuff I like Cafe Bustelo for home brewing. Best I have tasted,

2006-12-26, 13:54
I drink a lot of tea with skim milk and honey, even drink it while hiking. Hard to beat a good cup of coffee but I can't make a really good cup myself. There is no real such thing as a bad cup of coffee in the woods, but I'm working on it. I will drink in the woods occassionally, something like a Single Malt Scotch, or a Kentucky Bourbon, but only if it's cold enough outside and you twist my arm just right. Fortunately it has just so happened that has always been the case.

2006-12-26, 15:57
In winter I love hot choc with marshmallows, in summer it's Earl Grey or Lady Grey. Can't abide coffee if it's not filtered. I've heard Java Juice is good but haven't risked my tastebuds yet.

2006-12-26, 16:09
I've grown fond of Nescafe's Cafe con Leche (coffee with milk), in fact in comes in the same can that many have used to make a windscreen for their alcohol stoves.

2006-12-27, 18:08
In the morning, it's usually a blend of a good freeze-dried mixed with a generic Columbian instant, Tang, and a Carnation Instant Breakfast. During the day I mix just a pinch of lemonade crystals with my water, and at night, apple cider with spiced rum, Kahlua and Baileys. Tea is nice, usually Darjeeling or Oolong

2006-12-27, 18:10
apple cider with spiced rum OR Kahlua and Baileys, I should say

2006-12-27, 23:45
I drink both. I'm normally a coffee drinker, but I'll drink more tea on the trail than normal just because tea bags and hiking works so well. Good tea from Kenya with a nice, stout kick is just about as good as a cup of coffee. I put in a packet of the pink sweetner and I'm pretty happy.

I generally hate instant coffee, but Tasters' Choice makes a pretty good instant. They make coffee bags as well but I have not seen them in my local stores, only seen them online. I may get some for this year, because Folgers' Coffee bags suck, IMO.

2006-12-28, 03:36
On hikes - Instant coffee until evening where we switch to cocoa.
Sometimes we lace our cocoa with drambuie or ruhm. :bandit:

bird dog
2006-12-28, 19:58
During the day, I drink water, and at lunch I usually add a pack of pre-sweetened crystal lite lemonade or kool aid. For hot drinks (breakfast and supper) I like instant coffee and also the Land of Lakes flavored hot cocoa. For a real blast, I mix the two together. Its great stuff that comes in single packets, but it is a bit expensive at like sixty cents per pack.

I also like a nip from time to time.


2006-12-28, 21:10
Is it just me, or everyone else just bizare:biggrin:
Notice every canadian here, and only the canadians (with the addition of
Kleth) felt it compulsory to not only indicate the type of coffee/tea/beverage
we like, but also the favored BOOZE that is supposed to go in it!

coincidence?, random chance? cultural gap? :biggrin:
always seems like some kind of faux pas with all the calorie counting,
nutritionally minded, self-taught pharmacists around here. Not that im poking
fun at anyone. Us nutritionally challenged, calorie counting delinquents are
all terribly jealous of you folks.:bandit: :biggrin:

2006-12-28, 22:52
FYI, I do not hike in the woods without a "dram" in my gear. Your comment may be connected to your location above the 54th parallel. I'm told the sun doesn't shine up there for 6 months of the year, global warming or no?
My Daddy instructed us kids that no EOTH was to be consumed by christian men before the sun fell below the yardarm on any christian day.(Beer may be excused with lunch, on occasion.) You poor people live in a hell so bleak that the sun may never rise above the yardarm mark for an extended period of time and that may excuse your pilgrims of this restriction.
That and the puritans among us down here frown on any behaviour and have forbidden us to even smoke tobacco indoors just about anywhere. :bandit:
Moma here, never let me smoke indoors anyhow, so I'm planning an igloo in the back yard big enough for a lawn chair to light a Costa Rican ceegar if it snows another 24" tonight like they say.

2006-12-29, 00:10
Turk, sorry, I'll have to break the mold.

I'm not a coffee or tea drinker but I'll go for hot chocolate spiced with rum, or my camping version of hot buttered rum: 1oz rum, 4oz hot water, maple syrup to taste. Repeat as needed. :biggrin:

And no I'm not a Canadian. I'm from Michigan. (No need to feel sorry for me...:biggrin: ) Although I'm eyeballing the Lake Superior Provincial Park for my first out-of-US experience. Hopefully, one of you is familiar with it and can give me a briefing... But that is for another thread...

2006-12-29, 02:32
OK, I'll play. (I thought we were talking about Tea and coffee...but that has never stopped me from straying way off topic before, so Turk; you sure as hell are right...)

I like to bring along Everclear. Strong as hell, goes far. Doubles as stove fuel. A favorite of mine is to make everclear and crystal light slushies out of a local snow bank. I have stumbled around in the dark many a time looking for shed antlers on solo backcountry hikes on this stuff! Another fav' is good ol Jack Daniels. Goes good with anything. Even fish. Yup, Ive dashed a bit on a trout or two over the years-not bad! :beer:

Drinking is still an american past time too!

Also, just remembered, drinking Everclear is not a Washington State past time, cause I have to get the stuff out of state. Way out of state. Montana out of state if you can believe it. I live in such a crappy place, I need to move.....

2006-12-29, 05:10
Hey Iceman is that because Everclear has trans fat in it!!!!!!!. Yes JD goes good with coffee.

2006-12-29, 08:06
oooookay..... Everclear slushies!??! .... crazy.

I think they make you an honorary canadian for stunts like that.
But you'll have to buy your own toque like michael moore had to.

2006-12-29, 08:52
Iceman, why the hell can't you buy Everclear in Washington state? That makes absolutely no sense.

2006-12-29, 11:08
I keep telling you this state is messed up. One one hand the state is about as liberal as they come. Yet we retain liquor laws which are very conservative in nature. No liquor sold in commercial retail stores, only in state sponsored taxation storefronts (Communism). When I go to buy booze, there is an official seal of the state of Washington on the door, state employees load the shelves, and take my money at the register. Union state labor unboxing the bottles, sticking the little stickers on the bottles, placing the bottles on the shelf, break time, union rep's, diversity training. Which means we pay "tons extra" on the hard stuff. No liquor over 151proof on the shelf. Sorry, no good stuff.....!

Oh, and everclear slushies are da' bomb!
They turn me into a firebreathing lunatic!
:eek: :dancing2: :elefant: puke: :help:

2007-06-28, 13:09

As one born and raised in da U.P., I'm siding with the Canucks. Among us Yoopers it's not even considered debauched to add a shot of good American or Canadian Whiskey to one's morning coffee or tea. A little brandy with the evening coffee is not too bad either.

2007-06-28, 13:22
Personally, I'm a beer guy. I don't see why someone couldn't come up with a packet of beer-flavored powder (freeze-dried beer crystals?!), to which you could add 11 oz. of water and an ounce of everclear or vodka (mix ratio to your own preference) to make a trail brew? They can freeze-dry coffee, why not Guiness?:beer:

2007-06-28, 23:49
If they ever freeze-dry guiness, thats going to affect my whole meal plan.

Just give me a sack of powdered guiness and a jar of multi-vitamins.
I'll be good ta go eh.

Course we'll have to un-ban CFC refrigerants, so we can carry old R-12
recovery bags to keep the beer cold on the trail. Very ultralight.

2007-06-28, 23:50
Deadeye, you have sold me on that one. Where do i pay?

:adore: :beerglass :beerglass :beerglass :adore:

2007-06-29, 03:14
Oh yes, powdered guiness. My goodness! ;)

I'm curious about you guys who mix hooch on the trail, have any of you tried premixes? Making a paste of alcohol and your powdered mixers? Sorry I like premixed anything, cause even though I'm totally relaxed on the trail, If I have to take more than three things out of my pack I feel like I'm lagging. (This coming from a guy who's last hike ended at the house he's rebuilding now)

Personally, when I can find it, powdered Horchata (Rice milk with sugar and cinamon) is the best, and if you mix it in your nalgene, you have sweet water for months. For octane, it's straight Bushmills Irish whisky.

How do you hike after drinking JD? The stuff gives me a hangover before the bottle leaves my lips. Same with maker's mark. As american as I claim to be, my roots still require the right water I suppose.

2007-06-29, 08:24
Course we'll have to un-ban CFC refrigerants, so we can carry old R-12
recovery bags to keep the beer cold on the trail. Very ultralight.

Hence the choice to freeze dry a Guinness (or other hearty brew): stream water is cold enough. Freeze-dried Budweiser would need to be much colder.:beer:

I'm working on it. If we can send a man to the moon, or Paris Hilton to jail, we can freeze dry a beer.