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Hog On Ice
2003-01-17, 04:33
Cribbing is (are?) those rocks or small logs placed at the edge of the trail to help define the trail and to minimize braiding. Also sometimes used for repair of an eroding edge of a trail. Originally the word was probably curbing but the use of the word cribbing is so well established in the trail community that no-one could possibly fail to know what it means. :rolleyes:

2008-01-12, 15:20
Any construction intended to retain a fill, or alternately to shore up a hole or shaft. Often of logs or wooden members laid up log cabin style, but also of other materials or conventionally framed, as in a corn crib. In trail maintenance, usually a durable construction of stone or wood used to make a retaining wall for an eroding trail section, either on the down side to support the tread, or on the up side to prevent the upslope from caving in on the tread. Cribwork is an open network of crossed members; the framework of a wall meant to resist a bulk load. Gaps may be filled with crossed planking if the fill is finer than the openings. Timber cribs are often supported by buried sleepers connected to the wall by stringers running into the slope. Cribs are often seen at road cuts and fills, in piers and wharfs, in farm storage buildings and in avalanche protection structures.