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2006-12-30, 07:43
After reading numerous posts and articles on stove design, along with a year of designing, constructing, testing, (and occasionally exploding and melting:afraid: ), alcohol-fueled hiking stoves, and with the valuable assistance of Jason Klass, (who cracked the whip and kept my nose to the grindstone while making valuable suggestions and providing useful sources of data:five: ), I have developed a method of determining the efficiency of these homemade stove systems.

I have tried to reference all of my sources in the article and accompanying spreadsheet, but I owe much to all of the valuable information found in the many posts found at this, and all of the other backpacking and outdoor, websites. :hmmmm2:

Here are the links to the article and the accompanying spreadsheet:



Feel free to contact me, or Jason, with any comments, suggestions, criticisms, etc. If you test your design(s), please post your results.

Remember: The data generated is not carved in stone, but is a method of establishing a baseline figure for stove efficiency, and which will allow you to track how modifications in the stove system(s) affect the efficiency of the system as you tweak the stove system for maximum performance. It will also allow you to compare the efficency of one stove system against another.

Try not to burn down the homestead! :eek: