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2006-12-31, 01:31
Last weekend I hiked section 9 of the Pinhoti from Bull Gap to Porters Gap.

Finding the Bull Gap trail head was a bit tricky as there are no signs or parking for that matter. You have to just kinda pull-off to the side of the dirt road. Off of 148 there are two roads next to each other, FS 600-1 and FS 607 you want FS607 the trail will be on the right going up hill, just look for the blue blazing. There are plans for parking and I assume signs.
Well the new southern end of the Pinhoti is in very good shape. It is well blazed and very easy to follow. It is a bit wide for a foot path as it was made mostly with a bobcat, time should take care of that. There are some great views the entire way, its winter and the leaves are down right now. There is a small turn off to go up to the Horn Mountain tower and it is well worth the time. They have just restored a CCC pavilion on top and its a very nice spot. There was not much water along the trail until about mile 14. Overall its a great trail. The parking at Porters Gap is still closed due to construction on 77.

Great Website for Pinhoti info http://www.hmtc.org/sitemap.html

SGT Rock
2006-12-31, 04:29
This is the section that crosses and paralleles a dirt road most of the way isn't it?

2006-12-31, 04:45
Section 9 runs right next to FS600-1 all the way from Bull Gap past the Horn Mountain tower to the Microwave tower where it diverges around Scot Lake. The maps don't cover this section yet The trail was started in Feb 2005

Feels like your on the sidewalk, I bet if the tress were full of leaves it would be less obvious.

Section 8 is very similar, if you hiked it back a while ago thats probably what your thinking about, it crosses back and forth across FS 600-2

2006-12-31, 20:20
Is there a section of the AT that goes only down hill? When I was a baby, in Brooklyn, I would crawl down this really big hill and my mother would have to run down to the bottom and carry me back home . That was fun to do. SS :captain:

SGT Rock
2007-01-02, 03:13
That is probably it.