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2006-12-31, 11:18
What do you like, I have the wide 25" Ridge Rest, a 72, cut down a little. I have heard that the wide is the way to go as it will wrap around you like a taco shell. Grizs probably add hot sauce before they dig in!!! What is everyone else using?

2006-12-31, 12:14
I have a 25"x72" dark grey closed cell mat that I cut the ends off at an angle to fit my HH Asym. It works pretty good but was bulky to carry. After looking at Ray Jardin and some other hammock quilts, I made a synthetic underquilt much like a "Kickass" quilt that I like Much better.

Just Jeff
2006-12-31, 18:48
I usually use an underquilt or insulated hammock, but for pads my favorite is an Exped Downmat 7. I get too much condensation with CCF.

2007-01-01, 07:46
Thanks for the imput, I don't worry about the cold, just and protection from the bugs, I had my A/C running lastnight,

Hog On Ice
2007-01-01, 10:15
unlike Just Jeff I don't have a problem with condensation with CCF pads - my problem seems to be lately with slow leaks in the Exped DAM - I am evaluating a change to just using CCF pads in the future - last week's hikes I used three 20x72 inch blue pads in a stack straped together - they carried well in the Gearskin and kept me warm - they are easy to adjust the shape also cutting off corners as desired

2007-01-01, 11:59
My 3-season set-up (comfy to 40 degrees in the hammock, 25 on the ground) is a thermarest prolite 3 short, and 6 sections of z-rest. In the hammock, I sleep on the thermarest, and the partially unfolded z-rest is under my knees. I find having something under the knees give me the most comfortable sleep, and I don't feel like I have hyper-extended legs. the z-rest is strapped to the outside of my pack, handy for sitting or napping during the day. when I'm sleeping on the ground, the z-rest adds extra thickness and a great deal of protection for the inflatable pad.

works for me!:biggrin:

2007-01-01, 12:26
Oware sells a 1/4in thick pad 30 inches wide, it is very light. You just lash it to the outside of your pack.

2007-01-03, 23:20
Wal-mart ccf pad, outside the pack/ruck.

2007-01-29, 10:30
I seem to have trouble getting the 72" Wally World Blue mat under my feet, it is ok under my head and torso but I have trouble with it going beyond the bottom opening of my HH. What am I doing wrong? My feet were cold lasttime I used it with my quilt.

2007-01-29, 11:46
I trimmed the ends of my ccf pad to better fit the diagonal of the HH. The resulting pad is a sort of parallelogram. HTH

tom blum
2007-01-30, 17:10
I have a two layer hammock with the pads between the layers.

I'm currently sleeping with a 30 in. Wally World ccf and a 20 inch thermorest side by side. They don't seem to buckle like some said they would. The pads hold the hammock open and form a sort of boat shape. With the two pads, I eliminated the cold spot on the side and the falling off the pad problems.

Sleeping ON a ccf pad inside the hammock was an ordeal because I stuck to the pads and couldn't toss and turn during the night to change positions.


2008-11-09, 19:16
I have the Gossamer Gear wide pad, but hate trying to get the darn thing unrolled and into my hammock correctly. It seems to always want to roll up and then even after I get it in the hammock, it wads up on my all night as I toss and turn inside the hammock all night. I end up with wadded pad under me causing pressure points and being uncomfortable. I might try it between the hammock and my UQ next weekend and see how that works out.