View Full Version : The Pumpfight II - "Bodiaks' Revenge"

2007-01-01, 02:19
Happy New Years to all!!
And now, for your viewing pleasure..........the sequel to "The Pumpfight", with my new Guide Pro pump!!

Before you look at it, understand that this will not be anywhere near the quality of the original ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjOFUteQK0g ). The biggest problem is that almost all the while my friend was filming, the camera was in digital zoom, decreasing the already poor 320x240 resolution of my camera. . He didn't know it at the time because the viewfinder doesn't show it, so most shots of me are heavily pixilated, and in some I'm almost out of the frame. Not only that, but he forgot the harmonica, so I'm actually playing a knife, which meant I couldn't get some of the shots I wanted.
I could re-film it on another trip, and I might, but I decided to use what I had....I think it gets my concept across pretty well regardless.
Hope you get a kick out of it,

2007-01-01, 12:27
Hay , nothing ventured nothing gained. MUCH better than the one i didn't make. Between the two, the different music used gives both videos different affect. What general area was the taken? Wished I was there! SS :captain:

2007-01-01, 16:38
The first was filmed on and around Mt Colden, and the sequel in Killarney Provincial Park here in Ontario

2007-01-01, 17:18
Thank you for the feed back Bo'. I also liked the off colored starting scene, from the first duel. Nice affect, like a memory of times past. Very nice.
""""Happy new Year to All"""""" SS :captain: