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2007-01-04, 19:18
Here are a couple of pics of my new keychain:


The M4 Seber tool:


Goes with me everywhere I go.

20 feet of 550 cord
M4 Seber tool Seber tool (http://www.sebertech.co.uk/acatalog/Sebertool.html)
Mag/flint block
Photon Micro Freedom aeromedix.com (http://www.aeromedix.com/?_siteid=aeromedix&_sessid=ef76ef3007b5865dd26ba5b651cfa991&action=sku&sku=freedomdr)

2007-01-04, 19:48
Cool! You need to do like Ice did and rip the mag block down to about 1/3 of its width.

2007-01-04, 19:58
Actually, I think that Iceman uses a magnesium rim from a truck for his block.


2007-01-04, 21:42
I notice they labeled the pliers as "large".

Isn't that a violation of truth in labeling ethics?? :biggrin:

2007-01-04, 22:32
How do you braid the 550 like that?

2007-01-04, 23:02
Here are a few web sites on how to braid 550 cord:

Keychain: http://armyadvice.org/blogs/armysteve/articles/9736.aspx

Braclet: http://www.bns-code.org/?view=pages&id=4

Belt: http://www.slatts.fsworld.co.uk/slatts-knot.htm#marker1

I'm working on a better version of this belt right now. Should be pretty good.

2007-01-05, 16:38
Those keychain and bracelet phtotos are pretty dark and hard to really see. The keychain is simply a square sinnet. Some good easily followed instructions for a square sinnet are here:


The square sinnet is just that, square. By going caty-corner instead of straight back and forth, you can get it to come out round. If you construct either around another cord, you have a real good slip knot - used a lot on lanyards. Plait the lanyard and when you get to the end loop back and do a round or square sinnet around the main plait. The best way to end either is to loop the ends around and up through the center of the knot, pull tight and trim.

The bracelet is simply a Portuguese Sinnet or Solomon Bar. Good instructions are here:


2007-01-06, 08:22
Welcome to the ranks of Serber tool users.
I've had mine for 4 or so years. It's a handy bugger.
Broke mine once, mailed it to the company and they sent me a new one within a few days of my original posting. I was impressed at how fast they took care of my problem.

-If you don't mind how much did yours cost you? I expect that the price has dropped since I got mine (as I recall it was between $35 to $45 then).

2007-01-06, 08:41
I've had my M4 for quite a while now. Not sure how much I paid for it. I got it at the clothing and sales at Fort Polk. Wasnt very much if I recall.