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2007-01-04, 21:37
I have been carrying a pair of these tweezers

http://www.actiongear.com/cgi-bin/tame.exe/agcatalog/level4s.tam?xax=19655&M5COPY%2Ectx=8210&M5%2Ectx=8210&M2%5FDESC%2Ectx=First%20Aid%20%2D%20Kits%2C%20Acce ssories%2C%20Components%2C%20Repellants&level3%2Ectx=results%2Etam&query%2Ectx=tweezers&backto=%2Fagcatalog%2Fresults%2Etam

now for many, many months on my customized tags along with a Swisstech Utilikey.

They are the absolute best tweezers I have ever carried. They are really great for small splinters and picking up those maddeningly small parts. The points are sharp enough to dig for splinters when necessary. I have tried those so-called tweezers in the small mulit-tools, but they so flexible as to be totally worthless for me - their flexibility means that as soon as I try to exert any pulling force on an object, it just slips right through the tweezers. But these are stiff enough to really hold and they are small enough to be unobtrusive when carried around the neck.

If you haven't gotten multiple sets of them, I highly recommend them. Besides with my tags, I carry a pair on my keychain and another in my change purse.

2007-01-04, 22:03
Aw, geez, now I have to get a change purse!?:afraid:

2007-01-04, 23:04
My SAK tweezers have been pretty effective after I polished the faces. I thought about grinding the tips to a point, but after doing the polish, haven't found the need. Same with the tweezers in the Med cab at home; tweeking the grip does wonders for the effectivity. A 300 grit wet/dry paper is cheap and effective.
This works on all sides of your tweezers if you're so inclined, and if you need a pointed tweezer, go for it.

2007-01-05, 15:37
Aw, geez, now I have to get a change purse!?:afraid:

Go for it - :biggrin: - found it much easier than rooting around in pockets for a handful of change - never could get the right change that way and always ended up with a big jar of change every year. That wasn't so bad. I could just take the jar to the bank once a year, they would run the change through their sorter machine and deposit into my account. Then the banks got rid of their sorter machines and would only take the change if I sorted and rolled into those paper rolls. Pain in the a**.

I got one of those with the squeeze top - after the leather wore out, I just replaced the leather and good to go another 100,000 miles. Had tried one that flips open with a little tray to dump the change onto, but like the squeeze top better.

Now when the change purse gets a little heavy for my pocket, I just start counting out change at the counter - quarters, dimes, nickels - takes another minute or two, but makes the pocket a lot lighter.Actually, some the check people appreciate it, because they are always running out of change and I help replenish the till.

Interesting - a few years back, some enterprising people started setting up change sorting machines in the super-markets. Dump your change into the machine, the machine sorts and prints out a receipt. Take the reciept to the counter and get bills - I assume they skim some percentage off first. I've seen people come in with really big bags of change and spend 30 to 40 minutes dumping the change into the machine. Especially when the scouts are going around selling things - they get a LOT of change. They finally realized that since the banks were no longer performing that function, they could make some money that way. Now one of the local banks has set up the machines in their lobby - only they don't skim anything off the top. Get a receipt, go to the teller and get it deposited into an account. Banks are learning service again. What is old is new again.

2007-01-08, 19:08
they get 7%. what a deal.

TeeDee-i've got a pair just like it. love them. however, i've always felt bad because my SAK has a pair, so i feel like it's redundant. but i'm not prepared to leave them home and have someone ask me "lose your tweezers?" and me have to say 'no, i'm such a gram weenie i left them home'... that said,

Mutinous Doug-what do you mean 'polished' them (your SAK tweezers)? and now they work better? how? i've been meaning to grind mine down. just never got around to it. this may give me another way to make the SAK ones work. or they can be my loaner tweezers, and i'll keep the pointy set for me and my kid :biggrin:

2007-01-08, 23:14
Sorry was not more clear: I drag a 400-600 grit wet/dry sandpaper between the pinchers while holding them closed; to true up the mating surfaces, which I was calling the "faces". Just don't pull them out at an angle.
I originally devised to grind the ends to a point, but never bothered after doing this to the faces. I have put the ends on a stone to make sure the front of the tweezers were sharp/square, but never went so far as to sharpen the little things to a point.

2007-01-10, 19:00
ok... i think it get it... they close like eyebrow tweezers, along a flat surface... and the end/corner would be sharpened as a result. i can see where that would work.

hmm... as i have 3 x SAKs, maybe i'll try to grind one to a point... if i screw up, i can swap out with another knife...