View Full Version : Check out the Green Buttons!

SGT Rock
2003-01-17, 09:57
Sharon is a god (not the God, but a god), she has fixed up the logo, done the fire icons, and has now made the buttons green!

Do ya like 'em?

Thanks Sharon!

Lone Wolf
2003-01-17, 10:04
Yup. It all looks good. I can see clearly now.

2003-01-17, 10:09
Love the green buttons!! That purple was just too icky with all this green around here. Great job Sharon!!


2003-01-17, 10:22
green buttons are cool! nice job sharon and rock.

[ie/tools/internet options/advanced/play animation in web pages - OFF], no more dancing campfires, i'm happy!!!

2003-01-17, 13:13
Yes, I agree with you Sgt. Rock about Sharon, an a wonderful caring lady and one of the nicest folks I think you are likely to meet on here or on the trail. The site does look great and you and her have done a wonderful job. The forum has a wonderful outdoor theme look, more than any I have ever seen on here. Just me $ .02..

Great job !!!!!!


Wander Yonder
2003-01-19, 10:39
Thanks for the kind words. Glad to help. I was really tickled to see the green buttons turn up at WB, too!

Both sites are looking great, Sgt! Great job!

SGT Rock
2003-01-19, 11:56
Yes, and the WhiteBlazers thank you too. The site was looking kind of ugly at one point.